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Maybe it's because cause I'm 3/4ths done w college or maybe it's this airport wine, but I'd like to just say thanks to the teachers and friends in my life πŸ’œ you guys helped me find me

Two more weeks πŸŒ₯

Hoppy Easter !!

Cut to: 14 year old Ang engrossed in Patti LuPone's memoir & promising herself she'd move to New York and meet her one day πŸ’œ #hereweare #warpaintopening #goseeit

spring !

Mid-frolic snap from a sunny spring day β˜ƒοΈπŸŒžπŸŒΏ #herecomesthesun #doodoodoodoo

I've fallen in love ❀️

springbreak 2017 !! (jk I'm still in NY and there's a snowstorm coming tomorrow L O L)

We made a music video!!! πŸ€—@zakirofficial

The Divine Feminine 🌍 my mom & Mother Earth simply radiating goddess energy

Hi I'm in a bathroom and y'know, life is full of surprises, so all you can really do is just be kind to people and drink espresso when you feel like givin up because chances are you have love in your life and that's all anyone can ever really ask for, right?

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