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the weldons. 

her favorite activity - haphazardly tossing chicken feed in the general direction of the chickens. also present? a recently rain washed unicorn begging for a bubble bath.

i have no words to describe her...except that she's my favorite thing, ever.

farm. girl.

"come back here, little fella! you need to eat your grass so we can go for trip!!" πŸ’ 🐰

p's new fav..."Cherry Bunny"...the sweetest (and most tolerant 😬) baby bunny ever.

i'm pretty sure penny is this unicorn's equivalent to Sid from Toy Story. 😬

πŸ¦„ friend.

this πŸ¦„'s name is Bella. she gets tossed in the dirt with the expressed purpose of getting a bath in the sink so she can drip muddy water all over the kitchen until she is put outside to dry. every. day.

synchronized scooter performances are on the agenda this afternoon πŸ›΄ πŸ›΄ πŸ›΄

happy easter :)

hey @csweldon...I'm in the barn with power tools and old barn wood...wanna guess what I'm building?? 🐰🐰🐰

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