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Angie Viets, LCP, CEDS  * Author • Eating Disorders Specialist * Psychotherapist • #Recovered * Creator of REAL + RECOVERED Membersip👇🏼

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"Diet culture somehow twists messages of respecting your needs as being a bad thing. That we should be above the need to fuel ourselves or rest when we are injured. So, I believe, that every time you honor your body’s food cravings you are fighting back against, quite frankly, a disordered way of living. You’ll find that food will have less and less power over you." Read more on why you should honor your cravings on the blog (link in bio) @empoweredeating_

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“How did cravings become such a terrible thing? We can thank diet culture for that one. For some reason, our body wanting delicious foods, whether that be ice cream or fried foods or veggies or a burger, has been twisted into something that is scary. We get bombarded with messages all the time telling us we shouldn’t desire certain foods. Or that we need to do whatever possible to get rid of the cravings.” Read the latest article, 3 Reasons Why You Should Honor Your Cravings, on the blog! (Link in bio👆🏼)

Growth is messy. You are always moving forward. I repeat: always. I know that sometimes it can feel like you're stuck or that taking one scary step forward is always followed by three steps back. But I want you to understand that you are already a different person than you were before. Be compassionate, be gentle, kind and patient. You are exactly where you need to be.✨

“The strange thing about us as humans that we seek to understand the reason behind something, and with good reason. It’s so important to know what motivates our actions and thoughts.

But not every thought or feeling is a puzzle that can be solved, especially in recovery.” - @freedomwithnutrition Read more on the blog! (Link in bio)

...because a healthy weight is not just defined by height and weight. @emilyfonnesbeck_rd #ditchtheBMI Read more on the blog (Link in bio).

“Does BMI accurately measure fitness or fatness, and does having a higher BMI actually come with greater risks for health concerns or mortality rates? There are three distinct drawbacks to using BMI as a measurement of health.” Read more in Emily Fonnesbeck’s latest article on the blog! @emilyfonnesbeck_rd {link in bio}

Reminder: food is not the enemy. Don’t let diet culture convince you otherwise.

I’m excited to share a new video! Let’s talk about ‘why’ you want to recover... (Link in bio)✨

Together, we can do amazing things!✨💗🔮 📷 @nikita_gill

Coffee. Always.☺️ Have a great weekend, beautiful souls!

Healing takes time.💗✨

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