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Angelica  Mind📚Body💪Soul🎙☯️@blackskullusa 👻:tisangel

Hello, please subscribe to my YouTube channel☺ Link will be in bio 🙏 #issues #juliamichaels #cover #singing #vocals #vegas #silverpost #loveyourself

Remember when you were a little kid, let's just say about five or six years old and you had that "thing& #34; that just made you so utterly happy to be alive? That's how he makes me feel;every single day. @b_vandam94 #mce #mcm #grateful #twinflame #bowevandam

Special thank you to @gregxedge for making time to create this unalome lotus piece for me before returning back to Russia.
A little back story to Greg- I apparently liked his photos back in February and met him in person at my work last night without even coming to that realization of who he was until we followed each other back on Instagram🤣I'm a firm believer of timing and synchronicity and so I instantly knew that I HAD to get this done by him. 🙏 Anywho, if you're reading this, remember to enjoy the journey of your life, even your struggles because without struggle, there is no progress. We have a choice to either let things make or break us...and I TRULY hope that with every cell in my body that you choose to let it strengthen you. #unalome #lotus #enlightenment #sternumtattoo #tattoos #tattoo #lawofattraction #happysunday

Happy Birthday to the lady that's kept me the most sane throughout all these years. This life wouldn't be a life without you @ysabelkyna-I love you!

Self love's the best love🥂❤️

A meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being's about being real, being humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others @prestonsmiles . #lightworker #happysaturday #iamweare #lovesvoice

[insert deep quote about love, life, and rainbows here] ☺🤣🤗 #lawofattraction #myrock

You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become.

Everything is 15% off at @pumped_up_fitness_nutrition_ today, come through! @b_vandam94 and I are clearing the shelves bwuaha #vegas #fitfam

To the woman that I aspire most to be like-my boyfriend's mother. She's literally Super Woman and she's probably going to be upset that I have this picture but... SORRY! Words cannot express how much I feel blessed by her existence❤ Happy #internationalwomensday #throwback #grateful

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