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AngelsKimi  I love animals, games, and ASMR 🎀 💜 💙 Twitter @AngelsKimi ❤ Youtube: AngelsKimi / AngelsASMR ⬇️ New ASMR vid below :)

Playing Maplestory~ Come grind with me!!! There’s a burning event rn!!!! 🔥

I love being able to capture feelings and emotions through pictures and writing. It makes up for my lack of ability to express them well in person

ootd ~ decided to try out my headset while going out and it was a pretty comforting experience. Walking in the fresh air with only myself and my music :’)

Taxes suck. I HATE ADULTING REEEE. I usually get yummy food to cheer up a dull day~ What shall I grubhub: sushi or burger? Or donuts... yum donuts

Happy Friday 🔥 Time to finish my taxes, hbu? Please tell me you’re doing something fun so I can live vicariously through you...

Thanks for all the positivity on my last pic! ❤️ Wow it was actually amazing reading through your responses and stories. Perspective is so important in life. At the end of the day, the only perspective that matters is our own! :) unless it hurts others... but I trust we’re all good human beings right 😎

Being Korean American, I’ve suffered from body image insecurities my whole life. Being absolutely tiny is idealized and expected in Asian culture (others as well, but I feel like Korean culture can get obsessive and hurtful over it - from my personal experience). If you noticed, most of my pictures don’t include my body.. or if they do, I’m pretty uncomfortable. THAT ALL ENDS NOW. I don’t want to live my life ashamed and insecure over a body I should be proud of. Weight doesn’t make someone sexy. Confidence does. >:)

Dreamy eyes for the 69 thousand of you who stumbled upon my Instagram and decided to be part of my journey ❤️ Thank you again and again from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I only brought 1 color to PAX 😎

I have a Riot meet and greet with Leslie at 1:30 in room 102B!!! ❤️

Obligatory hotel mirror selfie to start off the first day at PAX East ;)

LANDED IN BOSTON!!!! Can’t wait to eat the YUMMY SEAFOOD ❤️ I’m here for PAX East btw who else is coming ^_____^

First Supreme item I own 🔥 lowkey hypebeast, highkey loving it ❤️

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