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Angel Porrino  Roman's mom 👸🏼💕👦🏻. dancer👯. creator🎨. italian🇮🇹🍝. idiot 👽🐬🦄



🦋 when yo lashes so heavy they call you ILENE. #CheckOutMyTag 🦋 📸: @tolgakatas

💕💋I will forever celebrate my Valentine’s Day with this dude. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.💋💕 (bow tie and lapel pin by @iloveidesigns 🎀)

L•O•V•E 🍫♥️🌹It’s a very simple word, yet we make it so complicated. It’s both the easiest and the hardest thing to do. On days like this, we’re reminded that love is everywhere and size up how “loved” we are by how many flowers we get, or chocolates we eat. Well flowers die, and chocolates make you fat. So this year, show someone that you love them, by telling them how beautiful/handsome they are, by telling them how special they are and how much they mean to you. Be good to each other not just today, but all year. Let’s not have to be reminded to love, but love everyday! And most importantly...LOVE YOURSELF, because without that, loving others is merely impossible! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone reading this! You are special and loved, and there is truly no one like YOU! 🍫♥️🌹
📸: @blushfotos

🔥💘Third grade treats...✔️💘🔥 #iNeedSmoreFriendsLikeYou

💕🚽When you think Valentine’s Day is a croc of shit. 🚽💕 📸: @blushfotos

⚠️PROUD MOMMY POST ALERT⚠️ When I had Roman, I remember being so scared. I was only 20 and still a baby myself. HOW was I going to raise a baby when I don’t even know everything about life? I remember feeling so scared thinking holy shit, I am going to be shaping this little boy into who he becomes as a man. I am his example. He is going to look at me for things and I’m going to have to make sure I give him the right answers and always make the right choices! It’s STILL terrifying! As he got older I realized that he and I were doing life together. Literally learning everything together. Failing together, winning together, crying together, and always laughing together (even at inappropriate things and times) He’s become my best friend and not just because he’s my son, but i find myself wanting to talk to him when I’m upset, laying in his bed with him when I’m scared or lonely at night being excited to go see movies with him and sing all the broadway sound tracks together in the car. He has become such a protector over me and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect little boy. He’s growing into such an amazing soul. He has decided that he is going to be a professional baseball player (or actor) so that he can take care of both of us when he’s older! He’s worked so hard already at making that dream come true!! This photo is of him at catching camp. He is 8 and playing and training with 10 year olds. His camp coach nicknamed him “the blocker” because not one ball has gotten passed him! To say I’m SO PROUD of this guy would be the biggest understatement. He is the best thing that has ever or will ever happened to me!! So for all you single, young, new, old, scared mommies out there that wonder how you’re going to do it...he and I are living proof that it’s all going to turn out even better than you imagine!! ⚾️🖤👩🏼👦🏻🖤⚾️

🌟Rewriting my stars 2018🌟 📸: @tolgakatas

In the end, it’s him and I. 📸: @blushfotos (bow tie and lapel pin: @iloveidesigns) #BlushFotos 💄: @katyhodges

🖤My dude🖤

🎁🎅🏽🎄❤️MERRY CHRISTMAS!!❤️🎄🎅🏽🎁

Dear Santa....
Please don’t disappoint!🎅🏽🍪🥛🎅🏽

❄️🎄Merry Christmas from the Porrino’s and the Hernandez’🎄❄️ 📸: @blushfotos 💄: @katyhodges (bow ties and lapel pins: @iloveidesigns)

❄️⛸❄️Perfect night ice skating with my perfect guy!❄️⛸❄️

🎄🎄 Christmas program...✔️ #BackToTheManger 🎄🎄 (bow tie and lapel pin by @iloveidesigns)

Aspiring to be a @guess model today. 📸: @wbfontenot 💄: @joycebonelli

In honor of fur-lined boots, cozy scarves, beanies, the color red and DECEMBER...I’m throwing it back to last year’s holiday photo! This is still one of my all time faves of Romes and I! ♥️🌲☃️🌲♥️ 📸:@tonyhphotography (contact now to book him for your family holiday cards!)


When you have an entire thanksgiving feast in one delicious box of cupcakes. ....and behind you. What a lucky 3rd grade class! @showboybakeshop these will forever be my favorite cupcakes you make! 🦃🍁🙏🏼🍁🦃

I gave my heart to a god damn fool...now I have nothing left for you.... 📸: @tolgakatas shot at @clairbnb

☠️"I'm the the ghost with the most, babe."☠️

🎃OD-ed on pumpkin spice.🎃

Halloween party success. GO CHIMERA!!! 🎃⚾️⚰️☠️

Not on drugs, just in love. 📸: @tolgakatas

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