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Angelo Merendino  Cleveland based portrait and editorial photographer

Carovilli, Italy.
This is the town where my mom’s family is from. I never met my grandparents, but when Liz and I stood in front of the house where they lived I could feel something deep in my soul. Something inside of me changed in Carovilli. Life, fleeting as it is, is even more precious.
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Liz and I were driving back to Pozzillo after visiting my paternal grandmother’s village. The mountains in this region of Sicilia offer postcard views - one after another, after another. It had been raining during most of our drive and dense fog hovered like a blanket while we navigated hairpin turns unlike any I’ve ever traveled. After one such turn we came upon a deserted village, one of many we would see that day.
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Altare della Patria, Roma

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My first wife, Jennifer, was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago, and she passed in 2011. During Jen's treatment we were fortunate to receive During Jen's treatment we were fortunate to receive both emotional and financial support from many people. These acts of kindness were often the lone bright light that helped us get through the day. After Jen passed I created The Love You Share, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to patients who are receiving treatment for breast cancer. My goal has been to offer that glimmer of light to others who are going through a hellish experience.
There are no salaries in this organization, so aside from the cost of a website and maintaining the legal status of a non-profit all of the donations go to patients. If you want to donate, any amount helps. If you can't donate and want to share the post, that is great too. If anything, just take a minute to tell someone you love how much he or she means to you. Check the link in my profile for details.
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Today Liz and I drove through the mountains in Sicily to visit the town where my father’s mother was born. Grandma Santa was the only grandparent I knew. She was tough, but she had the sweetest laugh and I’m thankful to have memories of her smile.
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Liz and I have spent the last ten days traveling in Europe. Today we arrived in Pozzillo, Sicilia, and this is the view from our terrace. Grateful to be alive and able to see such beauty in this world.
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Last week I photographed president Barack Obama while he campaigned for Rich Cordray in Cleveland. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph many politicians over the years, but this was the first time I photographed Obama. His ability to excite and connect people of all ages and races left me in awe. Swipe to see a few of the photographs.
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My cousin Mike has the most natural sense of humor of anyone I know. When I asked if I could make his portrait, his response made complete sense.
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This last weekend Liz and I rolled up our sleeves and prepared artichokes like my mom used to make. I remember how the house smelled when mom made these, and as we got into the recipe so many memories flooded my heart. Of the many thoughts from that day, the one that I keep coming back to is how hard my mom worked, and how much she cared. Scroll through to see some photos from the day.
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This past weekend my sister Filomena came to the studio to help me paint a 10’x15’ canvas that I’ll use as a photo backdrop. By “help” I mean that she painted while I did the grunt work and got paint on myself. Swipe through to see some photos from the day. There is still a little work to do, but I’m excited to make portraits against this backdrop!!
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Thanks to Maria at Cleveland Magazine for assigning me to photograph Nickie Antonio for this month’s issue.
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