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angellad  Wife of one, Mom of three. Accountant by day, writer and photographer by night. Proudly Canadian.

Less than an hour after the downstairs family room was finished, the teenagers have taken over. (It’s SO QUIET upstairs. Thanks be.)

All five of us Dykstras, plus two dogs, three cats, and #Bunnykins have been living in 1,400 square feet for (almost) three years. HASHTAG KERMIT ARMS

It’s a beautiful day for a #run! It was so warm that I took my jacket off and tied it around my waist. #running #summerlandbc

Comedy gold! You all should follow @dmdcontracting. #totallybiased #sofunny

#DST has me all discombobulated, but getting to (And leaving!) the gym in daylight is alright by me. #summerlandbc

We have had a long, cold, snowy winter. Longer and colder and snowier than I’ve experienced since moving to #summerlandbc 17 years ago. But today, I’m sitting on my front porch basking in the sun, listening to the dripping sounds of melting snow, and birds chirping in every direction. Winter is losing its grip. (Now I just hope Winter doesn’t throw down the gauntlet and yell CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.)

I spent the morning in the office (Tax Season is in full swing!), then took the dogs for a hike, and then went for a #run. I just arrived at our cabin @apexmtnresort and it’s time to exhale. #cabintime #happyplace

I didn’t win the award, but it’s truly an honor to be nominated. (The crowd cheered REALLY loud when my name was called, so I count that as a win.)

I am not, and have never been, a “dog person” or a “cat person.” We have two dogs and three cats and they are sweet animals, but they get the majority of their affection from my other four family members who are dog/cat people.
(I do like the companionship of the dogs when I run/hike/snow shoe, but I do not like that they expect to run/hike/snow shoe EVERY TIME I wear workout gear or EVERY TIME I just move around the house.)
(Cats are cats.)
#Bunnykins is my kind of animal. He doesn’t demand anything from me and he will take all of the love I want to give without slashing me with his claws or licking me with a tongue that he uses to clean his balls.
Bunnies win. #bunniesofinstagram

Forgive me, fellow runners, for it’s been three weeks since my last #run. I lost a week of my life to a throat infection, which was followed by a nasty head and chest cold. Combine that with an arctic front and a few snow storms, and 21 days have passed. As someone who runs three days a week, partly for fitness and partly for burning stress, I’ve been frustrated. I’ve still made it to the gym a few days a week, thankfully, but I’ve been itching to run. Today, I scratched that itch. It’s no longer 20 below and my Trax gave me the traction I needed to run on our snowy roads. I’m so happy to be back in action. #running

It’s a beauty day for a hike with the dogs. It’s even warmed up to a balmy plus 1! (The sun wasn’t literally that big, but it felt like it was, so I suppose it’s an accurate representation.) #summerlandbc

So good. SO GOOD. #rockofages

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