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I’m about 20 years late to the #harrypotter party. Luckily for me, Miss Emily (@emily_dykstra11) has the entire series of books in her room. (Because I bought them for her.)

This is the least smokiest day we’ve had in a very long time, so I grabbed Little Miss Fish and headed to the beach.

My dear friend Amanda @kickyboots Brown is celebrating her birthday today. She has a heart of gold, flawless skin, and a sense of humor that is just the right amount of inappropriate. Love you, Manda Paige!

Naomi the Huntress brought us a present. #catsofinstagram #circleoflife

Enviornment Canada says that the smoke will be around “for the foreseeable future”, but we do get glimpses of the sun through the haze. The only upside to it all is cooler temperatures for #running., but I’d rather have sunshine and blue skies and beach days, thank you very much.

Today has been a very weird day. We all slept well, and woke up to the worst smoke cover yet. Our eyes are tired, our moods have been down, and we feel blah. Everything feels discombobulated.
We’re praying for just enough wind to clear the smoke, but not enough wind that will fan the fires. Blue skies and sunshine would be appreciated right about now. (I am an eternal optimist, an Enneagram 3/2, and I can’t muster any of that today. I am deflated.) #db

Clouds have rolled in above the smoke, so it was a much cooler temperature on my #run this morning. #running

Graham came home from @camptulahead today! Nathan is staying on as a volunteer next week, but! Every Saturday after the campers leave, the leaders go on an excursion. Today’s excursion was in Penticton! You better believe that I drove there to hang out with Nathan and his camp friends while they blew up their tubes and air mattresses to float down the channel. (My sunglasses are skewed because he was squeezing me SO HARD.) One more week until he’s home! I miss that guy.

As seen on my run/hike this morning. The air quality is ... not great. #summerlandbc

Emily: For my birthday, I want a Polaroid camera!

Me: I have one! It’s somewhere in the boxes we haven’t unpacked from when we moved three years ago.

Matthew: As you wish. (Film cartridges have been ordered!)

We took the dogs for a 3K walk this morning and saved the big hike for the afternoon. We hiked up Dirty Harry, a (very) steep switchback trail that leads to the Grandfather run, then continued on another hiking/biking trail until we reached the top of Beaconsfield Mountain where the quad chair lift is. It’s an entirely different world than when we’re up there in the winter. It’s a beautiful day, it’s a pretty hike among the trees and wildflowers, and it was a really good workout. Next up, eating all of the food. #apex #happyplace #cabintime #hiking

It’s time to exhale. Thank you to our friends who are house/cat/bunny sitting. We are so thankful for our ability head to our cabin and recharge. (I foresee hikes and naps and sleeping in and also more naps.) #apex #cabintime #happyplace

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