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Sooo... Is five books too many books to take for a nine day trip? I've been super hardcore focused on a writing deadline for the past few weeks (which I MASSACRED yesterday thank you very much! Y'all I just churned out over 36,000 words in like, a month.) and now I am so looking forward to relaxing & getting to read some fiction & books unrelated to project research for the first time in way too long!

I'm en route to Oregon (& the PATH OF TOTALITY!) to see my first total solar eclipse! This is something I've wanted to experience my whole life, and I've been planning this trip for a quite a while. The last total solar eclipse in this country was the year I was born - so this event feels particularly powerful & auspicious. I'll be in the woods & likely offline for a bit, which is also pretty exciting. I'm curious what intense changes may occur for everyone this week, on both personal & political (same/same) fronts. See y'all on the flip side (of the sun). Be safe, stay together, remember you are loved.

I can't believe I have one more cutie ding-dong to miss intensely while I'm in Oregon for the next nine days! I'm hoping my pack is chill & well behaved while I'm gone. Man, it's so hard to be away from them! I mean... LOOKIT THAT FACE! HOW IS IT SO CUTE?!

Do you want to run with my pack?
Do you want to ride on my back?
Pray that what you lack
does not distract...
And even when you run
through my mind -
Something else is in front,
oh, you're behind...
- Joanna Newsom, The Book of Right On 🐺🐺🐺 Thank you to Justin Wilson @solidariat for the photo!

My house is now blue! I wasn't anticipating painting it for many years (though it needed it, desperately) - but was hit with the necessity of having to jumpstart the process, and wow... I'm just dazzled by how beautiful the new colors are! Better photos coming (when the doors are done), but for now here's a glimpse...

Half succeeding in attempting to document my exciting new color from Iana at Hearts & Robots / but mostly just cracking myself up...

For all y'all askin' for nudes (okay that's literally no one), here's what I really look like with no clothes on.

Little corner of paradise. (Found in the bathroom. Which sounds dirty, but is really just overly romantic regarding wallpaper.)

The other half of the unicorn is under the earth.

I fall in love with houses. This one snagged at my heart, tugging me to stop in the middle of the road, agog. She winked and made a coy moué with her little curly silver wire fence, skin dusted pale periwinkle perfection, with a pert pink front door and rosy swag silk curtains in her curved bay windows. Delicate witch oaks groved 'round protective, offering their green and gnarly blessings. What a flirt!

It's time to transform.

We have always lived in the castle...

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