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Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano  Wife.Mom.Daughter.Sister.Artist Rep.Producer.Writer.I live 4 HisPurpose.MayJesus bless our family&Genesis w/wisdom&His destiny fulfild in our lives.πŸ™

Suddenly missed Gab. What the ICandidates would go through just to make the audiences happy. Swollen back. Stressed muscles. Painful neck. X-rays required. Medicines required. But he still said, "I Can Do That!" And the doctors said he's okay just strained his muscles and needed to rest! God bless our son. What a trouper he is! Or is it Trooper @paolovalenciano ? @yosameti @gabvalenciano @kianavee @garyvalenciano @icandothatph @reilylsantiago @smurfee2369

Someone's being launched on May 27 at Manila X so we're rehearsing her song getting ready for her arrival on Sunday! I wonder who ? #garyvalenciano #garyvustour #doessheknow

A guest for June 10 at Pasadena - @katrinavelarde24 does a "sample" when requested by the media who dropped by the Kinjaz Dojo studio in Monterey Park where they gathered after Gary and Genesis met with the Kinjaz team together with @paolovalenciano on Skype who does creative direction for his dad. So Katrina gamely sang a short clip of #DontYouWorryBoutAThing (don't flag me please hahaha) while Gary explains what Showtime is and what a sample means ! The KINJAZ told @garyvalenciano that their moms and aunts adore him! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #garyliveinpasadena #garyvkinjaz #garyvalenciano #katrinavelarde P.S. @sam_concepcion @kianavee will also join the concert. And @monf_2017 is the music director of the event! ❀ thank you Philippine Air Lines, Novuhair, Starmedia, Classic Acts, RJA Productions, Mami King, All Access, Tancinco Law Offices, Grand Leisure, ASAP, TFC, and ABSCBN for all the support ! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

So former @madaldalme on @Twitter Noreen Sooter is now an entertainment reporter courtesy of Pacific Rim! Nax! Here at the KINJAZ Dojo Studio the guys Ben Chang, Mike Song, LeeJ, Mike (Fallorina?) and John of KINJAZ talk about collaborating with Gary. It was a great night bonding with such wonderful souls! Excited for June 10! But first check M-Resort in Nevada on May 27 and then Kiana V flies in to join Katrina in Pechanga on June 3! Then Sam Concepcion flies in for Pasadena on the 10th. Utah on June 12 with Kiana alone! #garyvalenciano #garyvusatour

Production meeting with Creative Director Paolo Valenciano (and our Princess Leia joined) and the Kinjaz, Ben and Arnel from the Philippines, LeeJ also from Manila, Mike Song and Gina Martinez of the Genesis team at the KINJAZ STUDIO. #garyvalenciano @garyvliveinpasadena #garyvkinjaz #kinjaz

Now happening. Press conference for the Gary V Live in Pasadena concert at the KINJAZ Dance Studio at Monterey Park after the production meeting of Gary and the Kinjaz with Gary's personal Creative Director Paolo V! Here with members of the Fil-Am media in Los Angeles and the Kinjas and Katrina Velarde! On June 10 also guesting will be Sam Concepcion and Kiana Valenciano. Mon Faustino is musical director! #garyvkinjaz #garyvliveinpasadena #garyvalenciano #kinjaz #katrinavelarde #pasadenacivicauditorium
May 27 M Resort
June 3 Pechanga
June 10 Pasadena
June 12 Salt Lake City Utah
@btek_benchung @mikefal @patcruz

Amazing dance crew dancers KINJAZ are guesting with Gary at the PASADENA CIVIC CENTER on June 10 together with Sam Concepcion and Kiana V. Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster! #garyvalenciano #garyvliveinpasadena #garyvusatour #kinjaz #garyvkinjaz
Photo Credits : The Kinjaz

My grandmother Violet Denison was from Davao and eventually she relocated to Zamboanga but Marawi was special to her. Please pray for Marawi. Pray for protection from bad elements and restoration of good governance and an absence of corruption among the government leaders. Lord God take control of anything that is out of control! Wisdom for our leaders Lord! Pray for integrity, righteousness and self-control among the PNP and military leaders as well! God bless the Philippines! #prayformarawi #prayformindanaotoo

How do foreigners react to Katrina Velarde's online covers ? She has hundreds of REACTION reviews to the few songs she has covered. And millions of views on her videos. This reaction generated 401,000 views! Still wondering why we took her to the USA? A guest of Gary V Presents we are proud to say she is one of the Philippines' best kept secrets ! Catch her on May 27 at the M Resort in Nevada right around the corner of Las Vegas! Then June 3 Pechanga and June 10 at the Pasadena Civic Center! #garyvustour #katrinavelarde #suklaydiva #digitaldiva #internetsensation #manilagenesisvivateam

First four shows coming up ! Then ASAP Toronto July 29. Then second US Tour with Cache Creek and other shows! Thank you to all our sponsors especially Philippine Air Lines and Novuhair which is now available in the USA! #garyvusatour #garyvalenciano #philippineairlines #novuhair #manilagenesis @mresort @pechangacasino @pasadenacivic
P.S. with spongecola mama of @yaelyraz @anakarylle

Just landed in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA THRU PHILIPPINE AIR LINES PR 102πŸ•ΊπŸ»! #garyvusatour first stop VEGAS MAY 27! #flypal #novuhair #garyvalenciano
May 27 M Resort Nevada
June 3 Pechanga Temecula
June 10 Pasadena Civic, California
June 12 Viridian, Salt Lake City, Utah
If you want to promote concerts in your areas just DM me ! @ginavalenciano @manilagenesis @kianavee @katrinavelarde24 @sam_concepcion @garyvalenciano
The Kinjas are joining us in LA! ❀

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