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Danilova Angelina  For any business please contact thru email or at Theprizm.ent 💌 Soundcloud: Angelina Danilova☽ my ph: @freesoulfilms 📸 my Youtube channel:

My first time using an elevator was an uplifting experience.Second time it let me down.

해피 추석 여러분들!

My friend David lost his ID so now we just call him Dav.

Ramen brings a lot of emotions in me. @aoriramen_mokdong @zeehny so good 😋🤤


I was honored to be featured in a book.This book will have an interview with me and other artists.You can actually watch them online by reading a QR code in this exact book.
The name is “믿어줘서 고마워”
by Lee Chung Min.이창민 작가님 화이팅!~

May I present you-ZEBUNNY.🖤

When this late night Sam Smith vibe is happening, it kinda looks like this.
Share your thoughts guys.Do you prefer listening to more soulful deeper vocals when you relax after a long day, or something cuter and brighter?
@samsmith #ukulelecover #latch

One humus squash salad with pumpkins, please.
Pre-concert/pre-lunch waiting for a table turned into a photo shoot with @glee243 outside of Plant.
Такие вот пред-консэртные фотокарточки:)

You know when sometimes, you feel like city’s smiling back at you..🧡

Time flies!Soap family stays ~<3
Endless love for music and people.🛁💙

On Saturday 9/15 my friend @anniehonglikes had an art exhibition called “Fragility” at @contracoffee and I was happy to be performing a small acoustic live and be a part of this event.The people and friends who came, created such a nice friendly vibe.I can’t be more happy and proud of you, Annie.
Doing something creative with your friends, whether it’s art, music, photography or even performing at your friends art show, seriously–dream like.
And it’s only a beginning!Excited for the future(as always hah).
And let’s keep and appreciate what we already have.
Focus on the present and joy, if you’re happy in “the now” don’t worry, your future will be great.

В прошедшее воскресенье, я имела честь выступать на выставке картин моей подруги в Сеуле.Не могу выразить насколько я благодарна своей семье, друзьям, людям которые меня окружают и этому городу. Который не так уж и прост, а очень многогранен и по своему волшебен.
Сводящий совершенно разных, но во многом сильно похожих людей.Необыкновенно и по-своему творческих, прекрасных людей, людей которых и мне повезло повстречать!
А ещё неожиданная встреча с @irakli_ который, приехав всего на несколько дней в Сеул, забежал к нам на огонёк!Счастливого пути и надеюсь ещё увидимся!^^

🧡🌙 #석양

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