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Angelica  NYC. Spiritual being having a human experience.🔮RYT 200. Energetic Health Institute: Holistic Nutrition👁🍽 Vegan 🥑🌱

This summer did my skin well! (No filter) 👁✨#tbt

The rainbow hallway 🌈

Nothing's more exciting than being with someone that's just as weird as you. 🤓 I can't believe we met almost exactly a year ago. We started off as awkward yet friendly coworkers that talked about anything that came to mind. It's funny bc we both got hired a few days apart. There was never a dull moment and even the silent moments were pleasant. At first you wanted something more serious than I did.. although I low-key still wanted those cheeks. We kept it unofficial for several months bc you respected/understood my perspective that I didn't see the point in a title bc if we really are that great together well last years and still a title won't be what holds us together. Last month I finally asked to put a title on it. 8.15.18 😏♥️ I feel what made it special to put a label on us was that i let enough time pass for us to experience love for each other, yet find the balance in giving and receiving that love. Finding the balance that allows us both to love without losing ourselves. I like us because we're whole and independent, communicate everything with honesty and we are both open minded to changes that involve self improvement. I appreciate our friendship and child like bond.💖🌻 My bb bestie. #healthyrelationships #love #space #twinning

🌻Feeling thankful for all the adventures and amazing people that have entered my life this summer. ✨

So happy to have met @rinagorvokaj in Costa Rica! Reunited in NY, on this beautiful day. 🌻♥️ #yoga #nyc

Back in July 🌻💦

Aquarius powers ♒️ @january.gif

OCEAN😭♥️✨ my favorite wiener dog. #tb

Clear quartz and black tourmaline crystal to balance his crown and root chakra 😭

I saw someone doing scorpion pose for the first time, about a year ago. Imagining myself being able to do that made me feel excited. In that moment I thought to myself, but is that a realistic goal? As time passed by and I worked on practicing forearm stand with the help of a wall to train my body/mind to find the center while being inverted. As I felt mini progression in my stand, I would often think to myself "I am capable to achieve any pose I desire." This is not because I wanted to complete the physical act of doing poses but this is because i wanted to do my inner work of letting go of limiting/false beliefs about myself in order to find the confidence, determination and drive to overcome the mental, emotional, & spiritual obstacles within, to achieve the pose. I trust I can hold the pose longer eventually but right now I am at exactly where I need to be. I am patient with my inner growth and surrender to control. #selflove 🌻🌸✨ #yoga

I could really go back in some Miami Beach water right about now 😊👌🏼

Rooftop yoga with my love ♥️😊✨

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