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✨🔮Angelica Leira 🔮✨  ▪Business owner 🌙 ▪️Freelance Designer at @killstarco ▪Alt Model/Photographer 🇸🇪Witch 📧contact@angelicaleira.com


Tarot cards from @goldenthreadtarot 🖤🔮⚔️ 🖤🌹ANSWERS TO SOME OF THE Q&A QUESTIONS🌹🖤
Q: How many tattoos do you have? And would you ever get more in the future?
A: 15 if you count half sleeves as one, and yes I have several tattoos planned in the near future.🖤
Q: Do you regret any tattoos?
A: Yes I do, because of the bad quality. But I'm currently removing and correcting them. I was young and stupid 😆
Q: Do you ever get hate for your unique style?
A: No, and if I did I wouldn't care because I'm not living to please the haters. I'm always focusing on the love.😘🖤
Q: What's your religious affiliation?
A: I don't consider myself religious, but spiritual. And I'm Neo-pagan 🖤
Q: Who's your inspiration?
A: I love @katvond she's such a boss babe 🖤
Q: Favorite makeup brands?
A: @necromancycosmetica & @anastasiabeverlyhills 🖤
Q: Do you use lipliner?
A: Yes sometimes, if I wear regular Lipsticks I do. But not when I wear liquid lipsticks 🖤
Thank you everyone for your questions! 😊🖤✨ Crystals in picture: @lunaprosperity ▪️ Runes: @pandorawitchshop ▪️

I thought I'd do a type of Q&A for you guys 🖤 Ask your question by commenting under this picture, and I'll post some answers in my next post. 🔮🖤✨ Ask away! 😘 ------------------------------
✨🔮 Products in photo 🔮✨
• Silver raven skull ring: @regalrose • Black ring & necklace: @rogueandwolf • Lipstick: @limecrimemakeup "Scandal"
• Wig: @everydaywigscom

🖤🔮🌙 Handbag & Leggings: @killstarco ▪️

🖤🔮✨ Pentagram Body & Vegan leather jacket: @killstarco ▪️ Rings: @rogueandwolf ▪️ Lipstick: @limecrimemakeup "Scandal" ▪️ Wig: @everydaywigscom "edw023" ▪️ Nails: @nailedbycristy ▪️Sunglasses are from an old, now inactive Etsy seller ▪️

Added some new stuff to my crystal shelf 💀🖤✨ Anyone got any suggestions on what to fill the skull bottle with? ☺️
✨🔮Items in photo🔮✨
• Crystal ball & Skull bottle: @witchcasketuk • Bottom Crystals: @lunaprosperity • Shelf: @lovelifewood • Other crystals & stones are old ones I've had forever.

Resting witch face 🖤🔮✨ Jacket & cup: @killstarco ▪️ Rings: @rogueandwolf ▪️ Lipstick: @limecrimemakeup "Scandal" ▪️ Wig: @everydaywigscom "edw023" ▪️ Nails: @nailedbycristy ▪️Sunglasses are from an old, now inactive Etsy seller ▪️

Lunar alignment leggings from @rogueandwolf 🌒 More photos coming soon! 😘🔮✨ Heels from @killstarco 🌙▪️

This iPhone case from @rogueandwolf though 😍🔮✨🖤 Crystal ball from the @witchcasketuk May box 🌹 Tarot box: @pandorawitchshop ▪️ Crystal point (purple): @lunaprosperity ▪️


Anyone more than me who's planning on charging some crystals tomorrow during the full moon? 🌕🔮✨ Tarot box & Wheel of the year: @pandorawitchshop ▪️ Crystal candleholder: @far_arden_essentials ▪️ 3 of the crystals are from @lunaprosperity ,The rest are old ones I've had all my life. 🔮✨🖤

✨🔮🖤 Silver raven skull ring by: @regalrose ▪️ Nails by: @nailedbycristy 💅 Lipstick: @limecrimemakeup "Scandal" 💄

Fuck you mortality 🥀✨ Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been struggling with some personal stuff that's taken pretty much all of my energy. But I hope you're all having a lovely start on the summer. Sending a ton of love to you guys! 😊🌹🌞🏖️ And I wouldn't mind a bunch of horror movie suggestions 😘🖤✨ Ring: @rogueandwolf ▪️ Lipstick: @limecrimemakeup "Scandal" ▪️ Wig: @donalovehair ▪️ Nails: @nailedbycristy 💅 Fangs: @jc_jewelry ▪️

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