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Angie Layton  👶🏼 Mama to Ledgy 💍Wifey to be 💄 Creator of @angeliacosmetics 👑 Miss Utah USA 2014

I live for morning cuddles with my baby boy❤️😍 If you’re wondering what I’m rocking on my wrist, it’s the @avawomen bracelet. I wear this to bed every night and it tracks different aspects of my health and where I am in my monthly cycle. It’s great whether you’re trying to conceive or want to learn more about your body. Check it out ladies, and use my code LAYTON for $20 off at #avapartner #avawomen

These next 4 months are coming in hottt!💍❤️ #4months #weddingtime

I’m livin’ my best life☀️🍍🍍 #summer

Took him a minute to warm up to the carousel.. & then he LOVED it🎠❤️ Happy 4th of July from Ledgy & I💙🇺🇸#ilovemyledgy #happy4th #merica

#Happy4th 💙🇺🇸🌊This seems like yesterday.. I can’t believe how much Ledgy has grown in one year!❤️ Missing you this year Dada! #4thofjuly

This summer has been the best one yet☀️👙 If you know me, you know I try my best to stay healthy so I can enjoy life, & keep up with Ledgy! So taking a daily vitamin is important to me❤️ I’ve been taking @careofvitamins & they literally are a dream. I wasn’t sure what vitamins I needed, so I took their 5 minute quiz that recommended the best vitamins for me. The vitamin packs are so cute & personalized, & they have my name on them. One of the vitamins in my pack is astaxanthin & it's incredible for heart health and keeping your skin looking beautiful, I'm always doing what I can for healthy skin. You can try out #careof by clicking the link in my bio & using code "ANGIE25" for 25% off your first order. #sponsored

My fiancé💙💍 Family over everything.

Someone got to see their Daddy for the first time in 2 months today!💛🌼 Ledgy was so happy!👪❤️ #ilovemyledgy

Summer is officially here🙌🏻👙 I’ve been drinking my #310shake everyday, and it’s made me feel great! @310nutrition provides me with healthy nutrition I need to maintain my weight, and feel energized💪🏼 Have you guys tried it yet? Use (310sign) for FREE shipping on your next order!💛💛 #healthylifestyle #cleaneating #fit #ad

Such a fun, much needed girls trip to AZ this weekend!☀️🌴 I’m ready to go back👯‍♀️ 💙🍍#az @shopmvb

NOV 1O!!👰🏼💍 Cant come soon enough❤️ && I love the feeling of a freshly cleaned ring💍💍 #savethedate #NOV10

Romper season is here🙌🏻☀️ Nothing better❤️