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Jill A.  To live is Christ, to die is gain.. (Philippians 1:21) ⛵🍃🍂🚲 There is only one Mediator.. 1Timothy2:5-6

Kimchi fried rice, lunch! 🙂
cooking oil, onion, garlic, salt&pepper, ground beef, cabbage, kimchi (veggies), ground roasted peanuts, cooked rice, kimchi (liquid part), sesame oil. 😉
As I had been doing, posting a pic and including the ingredients here for future reference.
Been a while since I did this though! Mostly didn't have the time to post anymore or even document anything. Haha.
Experiment & customize the ingredients as pleased! 😊
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Quick cooking for dinner: chicken kimchi fried rice. 😉
#homecooking #dinner

Applying voice lessons about mixing head voice & vocal twang. 🙂🎶
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Here I Am to Worship 🎤
Actually currently learning how to sing. This app is just one tool in applying what I learn. It's interesting how much I'm discovering in the process. 😅 I thank the Lord for the opportunity to learn further. 😄
#practice #singing #learning #Smule #music

Hosanna in the highest!
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#practice #singing

"The greatness of God’s majesty is not magnified in hollow efforts to keep commandments. Every religion does that. That doesn’t make God look great. It makes you look moral. Rather, the greatness of God’s majesty is exalted when you are satisfied in him more than anything, especially when you’re suffering. My point here is you’ll never feel this, you will never devote your life to magnifying God by being satisfied in God until you see that the ultimate essence of evil is the failure to be satisfied in God.⠀

I just wonder how many of you try to be good without any attention to this? Like you’re fighting the battle at the level of deeds all the time. 'Well, I’m not supposed to do that, or I should be doing that, or more of that, or less of that' — Satan is laughing up his sleeve that you are fighting on a front that can never succeed. The battle is here in your heart, really deep. What do you love? What do you cherish? What are you satisfied by? Are you fighting that battle? That’s the battle that gives rise, then, to all that’s good and kills all that’s evil.⠀

You will never make much of the majesty of God until you know and hate that the ultimate essence of evil is preferring anything to God."⠀

Read more at Link in bio.⠀
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A classic song.🎵🎤
This girl's voice sounds really good. She usually sings with her sister. 😊 Part of A4H (All For Him) group in the community. 🙂
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Nostalgic about High School Musical! Hehe 🎤🎵🎶
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Baon for me and my Tuesday morning movie date! (Beauty and the Beast again! hehe.)
But apparently, senior citizens can only avail of that movie for free by next Tuesday (sayang naman ung free db). So... I guess mom&I will just eat the snacks I brought and set a date again next week for the movie. Hehe. 😅

"As I return to the Bible, I see that because of heaven, my future is indeed guaranteed. Just as with Joseph, nothing can keep me from God’s best. Every one of Joseph’s disappointments was essential in bringing about God’s magnificent plan — a plan for Joseph’s good, the good of his people, and for the glory of God.⠀

Each of my disappointments has been necessary. If they were not, God would not have brought them. From Joseph, I have learned to trust that every time I suffer loss, God is preparing me for something greater.⠀

For some of us, God may be preparing for us earthly blessings and influence, like Joseph. But for every follower of Christ, God is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory that is 'beyond all comparison' (2 Corinthians 4:17). I am convinced that the losses that appear unrestored and unredeemed on earth will yield the greatest reward in heaven.⠀

Where is God when things keep getting worse? He is with us. And he is always for us. And one day we will see how he has used our pain and losses to accomplish far more than we could ask or imagine."

Read more at Link in bio.⠀
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Because sometimes, in our walk, we fall down and get hurt with the 'things' we already grew up with/ got used to.
So that we can be more careful as we continue to move forward. Standing up from the fall, walking a little bit shaky and weak at first.
But we know that we will get stronger as the pain subsides and wounds get healed. Little by little.
With God's help.
Praise Him!

Much needed retreat with my Lord.
#outdoor #decisions

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