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Skies, mountains, trees, you.

Conquered my first mountain today! I literally almost died climbing up, but thankful that @s.gwp was there to pull me, holding me every second. Watched the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen was all worth waking up at 2am after an hour of sleep and clearing legs day for the rest of my life.



I remember when I first heard you saying you were going into SCC, it meant another 5 months of only seeing you on the weekends. It honestly scared me a little as I wondered if we could go till the end. But today, 23 weeks later, here I stand beside you handsomely donning in your No.1, witnessing you shout POP LO again, 162 days later. As I watched you during your parade, all of our arguments, our fights, the tears, feeling alone and the lonely nights wishing you were beside me felt like it was all worthwhile for this moment. Getting through hours of the day not talking to each other, but no doubt hands down OBS was the worst, couldn't see or talk to you at all for 9 damn days. No words can describe how proud I am of you, just like how I am proud of you every other day. I am so happy I got to drive you to camp almost every Sunday, and even if I couldn't you'd make the effort to meet me somehow before booking in. You did it babe, you're officially a sergeant 👨‍🚒 No matter what your vocation is, I promise I'll be right by you through this journey till the day you are able to shout ORD LO. Wouldn't be a NSF girl for anybody else but you.

Happy 20th to our main manhoe 🎉

New hurrrrr hu dissssss

I caused my own loss of happiness a month ago, and till this day I hate myself for it and I will for the rest of my life.

Assignments to complete and deadlines to meet.... but the real question is, where to next?


‪Real beauty comes from loving yourself but that's something that I can never do.

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