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a n g e l a 🐢  my frds bought me followers frm taobao as a prank gift, now i can't erase them, help

肉肉啊 but my friends say i should not be self-conscious and fuck the world 👐🏻
creds: @mavishoyan 🐨

tb to the day she got mad at me so i had to sit behind her quietly the whole time (´・ω・`)

saw four turtles but not sure if they saw me howbowdah

Let's get "cigarettes after Cigarettes After Sex" (Choi, 2017).

#asceneatthesea #takeshikitano

#mclubbitches #many8pors #icanteven

係我地個仔啊 @af1025 @thatcasey 💚
anney 肯承認我地#多元成家 未 :^(

請繼續 carry the mess 🚙☁️

the age-old irony of how we take those closest to us for granted
一味只希望做完手頭上的工作 然後告訴自己current time都很糟糕 藉此假裝安慰是留到最後最後的quality time才of-standard給quality people
而肯留下等待的quality people都很好
所以心裡總是十萬個感激 雖然口裏總是搞不懂也說不出

d e d n s ad 888888
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