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a n g e l a 🐢  kill your darlings


I NEED MORE DB IN MY LIFE because life is a fucktard and nothing is going mediocre not to mention okay #whattheactualfuck #davidboring

this could be us but @felixxhui is sleeping
come to the covered area outside Bank of East Asia to succumb to the capitalist way of life or just find me R sui chui 👐🏻💸💸💸

@thatcasey bcos i cAN'T for the love of god flip the video
HBD and cash u ousside someday so we can have fruit juice on our way during stupid ngautaukok trips
#cashmeousside #howbowdah

spent my lunar new year's with high quality trash and people 👌🏻💚

cr: @kristinssssss

because ONLY female nipples are censored on instagram
#robineisenberg #popfeminism #feministart

#davidboringhk #davidboring #susieexciting

happy 2017 you filthy animals