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Angela Kinsey ❤️🔥  Fan page for the most inspiring, talented, beautiful, lovely little lady around 😍 Angela follows!! created 25/7/15 [re✉️ 9] (25/10/16 ❤️)

I've been looking at places to do my sports psychology masters degree at, and there aren't a lot which offer it in the uk, but one of those that do is Edinburgh 😉 I wonder how jealous Angela & Josh would be if I got to live there for a year 😂🇬🇧❤️ #angelakinsey

Old office photos of my OTP ❤️ #dwangelaforever #theoffice #angelakinsey #rainnwilson

I want summer :( :( :( so bored of 🌧☔️☁️ I'm completing an 80k rowathon on Saturday to raise money for charity im really nervous but I've already raised half of my £500 target so I'm super happy☺️🌟! #angelakinsey

Happy Easter everyone 🐣 hope u are all having a nice day 💓 #angelakinsey #jennafischer

Office reunions will always make me happy 😍❤️ #theoffice #angelakinsey #jennafischer #bjnovak

Hiiiii I know it's late but happy birthday to this queen @msjennafischer ❤️ I hope she had the best day yesterday. I'm insanely jealous of her recent trip to Tokyo omg 😭 these two make me smile so much, grateful 🌟 #jennafischer #angelakinsey #theoffice #besties

just a cute photo and some amazing humans ❤️ #angelakinsey #jennafischer #theoffice

Happy Valentine's Day you guys! 💜 i hope you're all having a fab day with your partners or friends ✨
My day consisted of training - a 5k test and 14k paddle, and then some of us went to Clip and Climb in the evening. Apart from the test it's been fun! ☺️ Also I got to open these amazing goodies (swipe left) sent to me by my amazing buddies @dundermifflinpaperco & @legotheoffice, they well and truly spoilt me for valentines😍💜 #theyrethebest

helllooooo ✨ I know I know, I haven't posted in ages I'm really sorry. I've kind of been all over the place, uni is very busy, training is harder, my nephew was born (he's the cutest omg), I'm trying to organise more fundraising events etc, so I'm just so busy I don't have a lot of time to be on my phone recently. I was gonna post yesterday but i fell down the stairs (I'm a literal walking disaster) so I just rested in the evening lol. I don't want to promise to posting everyday again but I will post more regularly ✨💜 hope you all had a fab Jan!! #theoffice #angelakinsey👸🏼

Hiiiiiiiii it's meeeeeee, long time no post, sorry about that, but for the past couple weeks I've been a stress ball. Last exam tomorrow though (thank fudge) so I should be posting regularly again!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 yayy #angelakinsey #theoffice 💕

❤️❤️ hiiiii it's me 🙃 I feel so so so bad for not posting I'm super sorry, but I've just submitted 2 deadlines and have 2 exams in a couple of days so I've just been really busy and a stressful mess. I'll try and post again but if not I'll defo start after my exams are done. ❤️ positive energy to u all, have a great week 👍🏼

this is me knowing tomorrow is my last day at home before I have to go back to uni and start adulting again and I have to sit my exams and can I just not ??? #plsno #angelakinsey #jennafischer

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