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Angie Payne  I climb. I travel. I take photos along the way. Pro climber. Amateur iPhone photographer. All photos shot & edited on my phone.

Kulusuk, Greenland, 2012. This trip was right around the time when I became obsessed with taking iPhone photos. Since then, I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing and editing photos with only a phone and sharing them here. Currently, as I spend more time using my "real" camera, I find myself stuck in the in-between, with no new iPhone photos and no great camera photos. But I'm still sticking to my self-imposed iPhone only Instagramming rule for now by digging into the archives.

Happy Jack Hollow, KY. I might rename it Happy Jake Hollow, because as I was taking this photo, he was rolling in dead things. And you could count on one paw the things that could make a Jake happier than that.

Flowing, freezing and falling from the sky. Water in a few of its forms.

Late light in Ua Pou, 2015. Taking a minute to remember some of the pretty stuff out there in this big world.

Ice worlds on Boulder Creek. Just can't get enough of that frozen art...

Finding crinoids, love and hope at the creek. My niece and I discovered this neat heart-shaped fossil in the water last week and I snapped a photo of her with it. Today I can't help but look at it and see more than just a girl and a rock. As far as this amazing little human is concerned, she has every right and opportunity that her older brother does. Yesterday's incredible outpouring of voices gave me hope that she will grow up in a world where that is true.

Billy Jack or Shadowfax? Morning light turns a plain Kentucky horse into a fantastical beast. Heading out today for a quick visit with all the two- and four-legged creatures in my family.

Ice creeping onto Mill's Lake. The last time I was in Rocky Mountain National Park it was mostly snow-less. I suspect today it might look a little different.

Nature's tinsel fluttering in the subzero breeze. I hate being cold, so I can rank my love of an activity by how cold I am willing to get while doing it. Climbing ranks very high, and taking photos is gaining points after some frigid photo outings full of fun and frozen fingers.

Macro view of a Winter morning. There are only a few gazillion more of those pretty little guys out there today.

Delicate snow and ice on Boulder Creek. Tread lightly.

Blue Lake, mid 2016. There were some pretty things in this year and some not-so-pretty things too. Here's one of the former. And now onto the next...