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angela walters  I am a finisher and an encourager. I love inspiring others to love machine quilting as much as I do!《Author》《Speaker》《Host of #midnightquiltshow》

In strong winds, these birds face into the wind because their bodies are optimized for that direction of airflow. If they were to face any other way, instead of laying down neatly, their feathers would be sticking up and fluttering all over the place........ What a great illustration for life! It's been a trying couple of months for me, but these birds have taught me an important lesson....face forward and don't get your feathers ruffled.

What do you do when your flight is delayed 4 hours?? 😣😴😪 🤔 Look at pretty quilting pics, of course! I finished this quilt up in time to bring it with me to the Gold Coast in Australia.....thanks @sewin4him for the fast binding job :) #quiltingismytherapy #lovemyjob #blessingtonhandiquilteracadamy #holycrapimgoingtoaustralia

Quilting is my therapy........

Goodbye Naples quilt guild!! Its been a fun weekend but now it's time to head home 😍

I'm teaching #shapebyshape quilting in Naples, FL. I drew a feather and @qwiltergirl saw a chicken 🤣🤣 now I have an original art piece to hang in my office! Thanks Danielle 😍

Like peanut butter and jelly, Swirl chain + Ribbon Candy = the perfect duo 😍😍 just gotta love #freemotionquilting #quiltingeyecandy #machinequilting

From teeny-tiny to nice and wide, wishbones are the perfect filler for irregularly shaped areas. They are also one of my favorite fillers😍 #machinequilting #quiltingismytherapy #angelawalters #quiltingwishbones

Quilting with 2 threads at the same time gives the quilting a completely different look. f you look close, you can see the red and pink threads in the quilting.....the color depends on how the thread twists as I'm quilting. While it's not for every quilt, this is definitely a fun way to make a statement with the quilting 😃 #machinequilting #quiltingismytherapy #angelawalters

Why settle for just one quilting design? I am easily bored (but am also easily amused) so I love quilting several different designs on the same quilt.....not only is it fun, it adds beautiful texture 😍😍 Are you more focused than me and quilt only one design? Or are you a "more is more" type of quilter like me? #quiltingismytherapy #quiltersdilema

One many different ways to use it! In the latest video of my Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, we are combining fabric collage with our layering.
Swipe to see some examples, which one do you like best?
Click link in profile to watch the video tutorial.
#fmqchallenge #machinequilting #freemotionchallenge #angelawalters #quiltingismytherapy

The newest video in my #freemotionchallenge quilting along is up! (Click on the link in my profile to watch). In the next video (out next week) we are going to take the basic technique and combine it with some fabric collage......this is too fun!! #fmqchallenge #quiltingismytherapy #angelawalters

In response to my earlier post: I just finished my dream big panel and the picture posted earlier made it look like a dark blob of black. It's actually fabric quilted on top of the panel. It's an example of a technique that's a part of my latest #freemotionchallenge quilting along. Of course, I could have used a different color, but that's what great about quilting, right? The fact that we get to make what we want....but, at the same time, can still appreciating other peoples' work. (Even if we wouldn't necessarily make it ourselves.) That's why I love "show and tells" at guild meetings. Quilters are so encouraging and positive!! #quiltyourway #quiltingismytherapy #dreambigpanel

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