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I passed by the Halo Championships today too. They had Gears of War on the other side, but I’m not a Gears fan. Got some swag. I watched a team called Tox win and people were like they were Optic and I understood them. I am slowly learning esports #halo #hcs #halo5 #nola #fps

Passed by the weigh in at Lakefront Arena where NOLA native Regis “Rougarou” Prograis is fighting tomorrow and it’s also going to be on ESPN. He is currently the interim WBC light welterweight champion #wbc #lightwelterweight #espn #toprank

Our plane took the super scenic route going south of the city and circling around then landing from Texas to MSY due to that storm. Now we’ve been waiting to get off board but planes were backed up. All I had was heat in Texas and back to rain in NOLA. #airport #storm #scenicroute

Did not realize there was a tall ship still docked at the river? There was actually a guy working on the sail #tallship

To the left is the CEO of twitch and next to him is 1 of the owners of Team Liquid. It was interesting to hear the thoughts of the future of esports from the Twitch CEO, not sure how much the future has changed since they have been bought by Amazon #collisionconf #twitch #teamliquid

The keynote today was Al Gore talking about climate of course and how we should be working on creating more technology to create positive change especially with renewables, which is what I really want to do, I’ve just been stuck doing other government stuff #collisionconf

I know I don’t post much, but at Collision listening to ACLU Pres. Susan Herman, Cenk from Young Turks and the guy from Venture for America that is now running for president next time talk about Civil Rights and technology #collisionconf

Walking back and forth between watching the game and the #cwlnola final starting.

Grandma's tomato bushes have grown so big. Just picked a whole box off. There's still so many more to pick. Got a picture of some Grandma had picked to ripen already. She got some strawberries that are almost ready too, I'm just slightly allergic though #grandmahouse #garden #tomatoes #greenthumb

Caught the dragon going off by the Harry Potter, Escape From Gringotts ride in Diagon Alley. I didn't really get this ride, because I found out it was from book 7 and I've only read the 1st book. Still fun, even though I enjoyed the Forbidden Journey ride more. I went on both a bunch of times. I am really hoping Star Wars land will be in a similar vein to what Universal has done with Harry Potter world. I am not even that big of a Harry Potter fan, but it was a great experience #universalstudios #harrypotter #escapefromgringotts #diagonalley

Over at Universal, Dr. Doom snuck up on me and scared me and this other lady lol. Got a picture of him later just walking around and sneaking up on people and no I did not go on the Dr. Doom ride. I wanted to keep my lunch that day, but I did go on that Spider-Man ride multiple times #universalstudios #drdoom #marvel #islandsofadventure

I just like this shirt, it was a lucky find. It is actually a Star Wars shirt, too. Little empire symbols on it.

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