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Circle pit around the sound booth, @fitforakingtx know how to make Warped Tour Rowdy af. Salve To Nothing- @fitforakingtx SLC 6/24/17
@bobby_ffak @tuck_ffak @ryankirbz @j_east42
#music #bands #concert #warpedtour #warpedtour2017 #fitforaking #ffak #metalcore #americanmetalcore

Legacy- @memphismayfire SLC 6/24/17
I've know since I discovered mmf that I wanted lyrics from this song tattooed on me, the problem is every lyric is perfect and I want the whole song. .
@vanswarpedtour @mattymullins @mmfkellen @jake_garland @mmfcory
#bands #music #metalcore #mmf #memphismayfire #warpedtour2017 #warpedtour

Yeah I know the audio is horrible but I'm still going to post it because @iprevailband is one of my favourite bands and I got to see and meet them at @vanswarpedtour . Seriously I love Warped Tour so much.
Already Dead- I Prevail SLC 6/24/17
@dylan_prevail @eric_prevail @steve_prevail @bri_prevail @elithealexander
#bands #music #concert #iprevail #posthardcore #warpedtour2017 #warpedtour

While going through my phone to make room for Warped Tour I realised I never posted the videos from seeing @asitisofficial @roamuk and @grayscalepa in may. .
#concert #music #poppunk #bands #ukbands #asitis #roam #grayscale

If it weren't for the bandages you'd never know that this little girl got hit by a car 3 1/2 weeks ago. Chili is back to her regular self. She spends her days laying in the sun and guarding the yard. We've been taking her to some of her favourite places (the bank and local plant nursery) to let her socialise (and let her know that we can go to more than just the vet in the car). She really wants to go on walks, so we've been working on walk no down the street and back. The wounds on her front leg are basically completely healed, we keep a bandage on one to keep the new skin from getting sunburnt. Her back leg had some complications two weeks ago. most of the skin on top had died. The vet removed what they needed to and it has healed so well. The wound is about the size of a nickel now and shrinking daily. We're weaning her off of her pain medication and supplementing with hemp oil when needed. Chili has been a little bummed she's not getting as much attention as she was getting, but we're grateful not to be sleeping on the floor anymore. .
#dogs #chilidog #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie #bordercolliemix #bordercolliestagram

I've been loving learning how to cook with #spaghettisquash this summer. It's been really hard for me to cut out refined carbs so it's been nice to have something to put in it's place. I guess this would be considered southwestern spaghetti squash.
Squash, bell peppers, yellow onion, ground turkey, corn, taco seasoning, some green enchilada sauce, and some cheddar cheese.
#healthy #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #4weekstoalltimelow

Loving my new @amerrickan tank! So cool knowing I have something made by @zacharymerrick himself 😊

#amerrickan #iamamerrickan #zackmerrick #alltimelow #atl #zacharymerrick

That moment when people are giving you weird looks at the gym and you remember your wearing a @chelseagrinofficial shirt.
#chelseagrin #deathcore #metalcore #gym #workout #fitness @pabl0grin @jaekgrin @akgrin @david_flinn @dandangrin @speavegrin

Wanted to give a little update. Chili is doing well. She has been able to move around a little on her own (sit up, change sides when lying, and stand up) she took a few steps and (finally) went to the bathroom. It's been so nice to see her act more like herself everyday. She's still in pain but it seems to get better constantly. I am so proud of my girl, she is so strong and so brave.
#dogmom #dogs #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie

Today's been a dog moms nightmare. My Chili girl got hit by a car this morning in front of our house (she walked into the street from behind our truck) my mom was right there and we were able to get her to the vet with in a few minutes. The vets and technicians worked for over an hour getting her wounds cleaned, stitched, and dresses while also helping all the people that had appointments for their animals. Chili also has one small fracture but it should be fine. I am so grateful for everyone who helped save my girl. It's going to be a long recovery but she is so strong even in her old age that I know everything is going to be alright.
#dogs #dogmom #thankyouvets #recovery

I've found it's easier to get to the gym on Monday mornings when it's one of your favorite muscle groups to train. Hip and glutes session done and I'm feeling ready for the day.
#training #workout #glutes #fitness #muscle #healthy #healthylifestyle

An ice chocolate peanut butter protein shake using @vega_team protein and greens after a nice arms/ shoulder/back sesh at @fitstop.heber I'd never really worked much on my upper body until this year and it's becoming one of my favorites to work. Seeing definition in my shoulders and triceps as well as feeling so much stronger. #gym #workout #healthy #protein #vega #healthyeating #arms #shoulders

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