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any pronouns are groovy man  •eclectic witch, no gods •queer •taken 💕 •punk bby •intersectional feminist •vegetarian •anarchist •INFP •tryin to make the world a better place

Some things I thought it would be important to share. I want to be constantly creating spaces/environments/conversations about self care/love, expression, emotions, thought, energy, mentality, support (among yourself and others), love in general, of all types, as a force in this universe, etc. In my life I always try to put thoughts/feelings at the forefront because those things guide us so much and it's also really important to me as somebody who is mentally ill. Constantly coping, learning, discussing, celebrating the aspects of me that have been under critical view, analyzing, loving, etc.

Today is 5 months together. 5 whole months of our lives... almost half a year. Some people may give that no mind, but that is a pretty good chunk of time when you think about it. But I feel like I've always known you, and yet also have always been looking for you. If there are past lives, other worlds/dimensions etc. We have definitely been in touch. But either way, I can't wait to spend many more months with you. I will always make the effort to be with you, to communicate with you, to give you the love you deserve as you have done with me. You have shown me love beyond description or definition. You have been friendship, family, and a home. I can't wait to see you again in August, my love 😙😙

What a great page!!!

Education is the first step to a better world, and that education begins at home.

A little bit older but ye

Thank you so so much for blessing me with your presence. I'm so lucky and appreciative, honestly. I don't think I've ever been so happy. Your presence is euphoria. Even in hard times, you always have my back and find a way to make me crack a smile. Spending these past couple of days with you has meant the world to me. Being with you feels so natural. It feels like home, like this is the way things have always been. When I look into your eyes, I know I've known you for the expanse of time. When I hold you in my arms, not a damn thing in the world matters. I know this week was kind of hectic, but I wouldn't replace it for the world. I honestly feel so heartbroken knowing I can't be with you right now and that you're back to being 1000+ miles away, but I know I'll see you again soon and I can't wait. I love you to the moon and back, I'll never be able to say just how much I love you.

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