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13YO Son's first mowing lesson and job! #autismspectrum #independencepreparation #lifeskills #eachoneteachone

I purchased #curtains and a #fabricsteamer by #JoyMangano from #Target. The little steamer worked well. It required lots of refilling for 4 panels that I steamed. The majority of the creases were removed. #joymanganosteamer

My 15YO's self portrait as a baby. She has won 3 art prizes. Unfortunately she doesn't really practice. She does the work at school. I can't even imagine what her art can be if she practiced daily, even for 10 minutes a day.

One more tall cabinet to build. #ikea #playroom #homedesign #rentalhome #rentalhomedecor

New rental home means figuring out window treatments. I purchase hardware for the curtains that don't need to be affixed to the wall or wood. It was pricey, but worth keeping the home in the meticulous condition the homeowner left it. This is the sunniest side of the house and is pretty private, which is why the owners didn't affix blinds or hardware. #rentalhomedecor #rentalhome #homedesign #minimalistdesign

My son's sculpture was displayed at the School District Art Show. As much as I'd like for this to be a symbol of his Incan heritage, it's Minecraft.

My daughter's second art piece in the School District Arr Show and was selected to represent the Colored Drawing medium at the Dekalb Township Art Awards where it will be displayed for a year. This is the second time in her school career that her pastel drawing was showcased.

My daughter won 2nd place for Printmaking in the School District Art Show.

I'm in love with this inexpensive pen. Filled with #DiamineRedDragon. The #clearfeed takes on the ink's color. I'm thinking of buying another so I can switch the #nib to the #extrafinenib from a #pilotpenmanship. #demonstratorfountainpen #pilotnibs #fountainpen #penaddict #finenib #wingsung698

The Wing Sung is on top. Essentially, it mimics the #TWSBI580 which is in the middle. The #wingsung698 feels the same as my #twsbidiamond580
I filled it with #diaminereddragon
It writes very well. Definitely a #finenib
#penaddict #fountainpen #demonstratorfountainpen #pilotnibs

Well, I made it to May before buying a new fountain pen. Wing Sung 698. This cost $21.99, plus shipping and handling. But now, I'm on a quest for the gold version without buying from #Ebay. Purchased on #Amazon. This pen can be interchanged with #pilotnibs. This is a #finenib. I can't wait to fill it. But what color? #wingsung698 #demonstratorfountainpen #fountainpen #penaddict

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