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✨Anel Pichardo✨  Momx2🎀Paralegal⚖️&Mompreneur👩🏽‍💻Creating healthy lifestyles|Side hustles|Biz owners Passionate about helping women live a life they LOVE Connect w/Me

What an unforgettable FIRST summit. They said it would be memorable & it was. -
I cried [no exaggeration] cried hearing all of the success stories of all the inspiring women🌟 proving we CAN all make it🙌🏽 Proving IT IS possible to have the life of your dreams, live a life you don’t need a vacation from, & be 💯% present as mom!🙏🏽 #goals -
My ❤️ is on 🔥 & it’s my RESPONSIBILITY to share this & show YOU what is possible! You can be a mom, wife, work full time & work towards being your own boss. There’s room for all of us at the 🔝. It’s no fun alone. We’re just getting started‼️ You CAN be here next year. Why not you⁉️ -

If you wanna know exactly what it is that I do & that we do as coaches👉🏽 Stay tuned for how you can get all the info no strings attached this week. You might just change your LIFE #believeinyou #CoachSummit2018

WOW😆 this experience is indescribable. I’m speechless. My first Coach Summit live super workout. A workout with ALL of the trainers that have given me the best results from my living room. -
Working out with thousands of coaches cheering each other on. This energy. This community. This support. Everyone NEEDS this. Why not you?!

Indy nights🔥 work hard play harder! Exclusive party with the team 💃🏽 🍹 🎶 #coachlife

6AM sweat session this morning with my fit fam 💦

So much excitement goes into the workouts with our own celebrity super trainers.
Everyday I push play at home with them on my screen 💻 but THIS, this is different.
The excitement. The music. The rush. The sweat is ahmazinggggggg! -
Thousands of people in one room with one goal. -
Working on themselves 💪🏽
We never do this alone. YOU never do this alone. You CAN do this with us.

Opening ceremony tonight was amazing! The energy was on 🔥 thankful to be a part of a company with a strong mission of helping others. This years theme is “Believe in YOU” so powerful because belief is EVERYTHING. You can be successful if others don’t believe in you but you can’t be successful if [YOU] don’t believe in you ✨ #CoachSummit2018

SUMMIT registration! Surreal moment being here surrounded by so much inspiration and motivation. —Today I’m being recognized on stage as a Diamond coach & Latina leader 🇩🇴😆 this probably means nothing to you but to me it’s EVERYTHING. It means I am helping so many people both with their health/fitness goals & helping them build a business of their own. I’m making a difference ✨ #believeinyou

Made it 😆 & this how we’re welcomed at the airport! Thousands of coaches are about to #takeoverindy 🔜 SO READY 🤩💃🏽🍹🏋🏽‍♀️ #coachlife

Brunch with my favorites before I go 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💕

All packed & ready for my firstttt coach summit ✈️! Tomorrow I’ll be in Indianapolis hugging my team at our annual business event where we will PARTY 💃🏽, celebrate achievements 🎉🥂, sweat together 💦 🏋🏽‍♀️, and learn to keep us growing as leaders and business owners 🤓 📝 & then party some more 💃🏽 🍹 -

Get ready for a lot of selfies 😝👯‍♀️ & 🥂🍾 boomerangs! Soooo excited 😆
Dreams do come true you guys and they involve endless hustle, ambition, passion and lots of heart ♥️ but over time & with lots of consistency & patience ...those dreams slowly start to become a reality! #buildingourempire
If you’ve been thinking about whether or not you should make take the chance (whatever that may be) -do it and do it quick because the time will pass anyway and you might as well spend it chasing those dreams that could one day provide you with a life you never dreamed possible. It’s out there, you just have to be willing to go chase it with fierce determination and never quit until you do! Why not you?

A little morning hustle 💻 with a side of post workout fuel 🍽 -
Getting everyone into the #summerstrong Bootcamp starting next week, if you’re not in yet why not? 🤩 #3daycleanse starts Friday & you can lose 3-8 lbs, seriously why not 🤷🏽‍♀️😆

If you really want to lose weight the first step is to make/cook your own food. Restaurants are your biggest enemy, especially since you don’t know how your food is made. My nutrition course comes with really easy free quick recipes that are so GOOD😋 & there’s an app included for easy access to all recipes & tips 🙌🏽 Want more info on my course⁉️ Drop a ❤️ in the comments👇🏽

What if you just went for it and found what you’re really made of? ✖️Decide✖️. That’s where you start. You make the DECISION that you’re worth working on a healthier, happier, more confident version of yourself. You decide that you’re going to take the chance and just *start*
You decide to work on the ✨BEST YOU✨ because you get ONE BODY to live in for the rest of you life. You decide you love ♥️ yourself enough to care for that body the best you can and you decide you want to FEEL your best in anything you wear for summer 👙, fall, winter, spring and for the rest of your life. You make a •D E C I S I O N• to prioritize you.
Why not you?

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