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I am right here.

Oh no... daddy Andy's got that $*!#* suitcase thing out again :-( Last time he was gone for a week. Maybe if I show him how sad I'm gonna be he'll change his mind, put the suitcase away, and stay here with me....

Peak foliage with @James Nickerson

How would it feel if we spent the night out... with The DAWGS, Madonna, and Martin Solveign!!!!

Mmmmmmgggrrrrrufff! I'm tellin ya Dad - there's somethin in the backyyard. Squirrel I think.

Two DAWG days in a row with The Chop! Oooooooowwff!

Lazy dawg day with the Chop :-)

300 of the hottest BOYS and MEN in SF are JUST F*CKIN DANCING at BEATBOX tonight. How come you're sitting at home reading this on your PC?! COME ON DOWN!!!!!

Post-Pride San Franncisco moment: do you want regular gas, or gas with extra SPARKLE?

King of the BeatBox Priide float - DJ Dawg Steve Sherwood at the helm. Oooooowwff!

Come join us at Beale & Howard in your craziest Pride outfit to celebrate BeatBox Birthday in to SF Pride Parade!

BeatBox on our way to Pride Parade! HAPPY PRIDE!!!!!

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