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Andy Wickstrom  Photographer | Designer | Traveling full-time with @eggtravels in our 1969 Airstream.


Had a really fun time the last few days hanging on a rope shooting @mason_earle and @mattsegal. Mason smashed ‘Welcome to Ol Kentuck’ up at Pebble Beach by onsighting the beautiful, difficult line. Here’s a shot of him making the crux reach to the pinch on ‘Buttercup’, a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ line in the #pmrp. // #climbing #rrg

Ben Sachs (@crushbiscuit) cruising up crimps and skipping clips on the power enduro route, Atomic Fireballs at the #thechocolatefactory in the #pmrp. Trying to get after it with these temps. How’s everyone else’s season shaping up? // RRG, Kentucky #climbing #remotecamera

First climbing post from the #RRG ! 🎉🎊 it’s taken me a bit to get back in the groove, opting to climb a bit instead of shooting as a way to refuel the creative energy. This is a shot of #silentcrusher @BrianSuntay on Fifty Words for Pump, which he recently 📨 📮📬at the Bob Marley crag. We heard the audio of it the day it went down from the other side of the crag and it was awesome. Congrats, Brian! // Red River Gorge, KY

Happy Halloween 👻☠️🎃💀 ! Late night post for you all after spending it outside in the 🍁🍁🍁. Here’s another one of @michaelakiersch on The Golden Ticket from last season. Check her feed for the shot sticking the jump. It was crazy! When she stuck that move, it was the first time she’d done it from the ground, sticking the dyno while wearing a Superman costume on an 80-degree day. It made no sense. // #climbing #rrg

Life has been busy for the last few weeks, but we are back near rock and are motivated to kick it in! Did anyone get out to enjoy some fall weather? I can’t wait for it to return tomorrow here in Kentucky. 🤤😝 // This shot is from a while back: @kruderjernej crushing boulders in #rmnp #colorado in the days after the @ifsclimbing #vailwc. I could use some of his fitness and motivation!

Heres’s Jess (@eggtravels) cranking on the surreal cobbles of #BoxCanyon during one of the first few weeks of hitting the road back in 2014. It’s been quite the adventure since! Seems like forever ago that we met some of our first new friends along the way, too. Not pictured here is one such friend, Braden Alsnauer (@alsnauernever) on the belay. We met him randomly in #maplecanyon #Utah where we had just arrived. We all got along so well we followed him to Joes Valley too. And then met up again later on at the Red. That’s how it goes when you’re on the climbing “circuit”, where you see familiar faces across the country, and sometimes world. It definitely makes going to new areas less daunting. Climbing makes the world a little smaller in a way. Where’s the craziest place you’ve randomly seen a fellow climber? #climbing

Have you ever wanted to come away from a trip at the #RedRiverGorge with some shots you can share with friends? Butt-shots are better than nothing, but what if you could get some top-down shots or photos that show the beautiful area you enjoy on weekends but have a hard time describing to your non-climbing friends? What if a trip here is something you've been training for all summer, and having a few photos of it would really make it special? I have been thinking about offering a few photo packages for climbers visiting the area who would love a few shots of themselves or a friend climbing, but never seem to get anything but shots from the ground or with smudgy phone cameras that make things look worse than they are. Haha! If this sounds like something you might be interested in, DM me or leave a comment: yay or nay. I'd be psyched to work with you! // #rrg #climbing #adventurephotography #kentucky

Red River Gorge #rocktoberfest is this weekend! I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again. 🍁🔥🍁🔥🍁 Unfortunately, we can’t be there this year. Gonna miss seeing friends and enjoying the festivities this time around, but we have plans to visit and hopes to put down a few projects before the ❄️ flies. Here’s one from last year: @michaelakiersch on the opening sequences of The Golden Ticket. If you’re going to Rocktoberfest, say hello to Michaela who will be over at the Petzl booth. // And, if you haven’t seen the film on her inspiring ascent of this line, go to thegoldenticketmovie.com. #climbing #yourshot

Back in June of 2016, I was in Vail to second-shoot the #Ifscwc with @thecircuitclimbing. After the event, several of the competitors made their way up to Estes Park to climb at #rmnp for a few days. Lots of hard boulders went down in a short period of time, and being witness to it was pretty amazing. One project in particular that fell, was an unrepeated crimp testpiece called Hypnotized Minds and it was Rustam Gelmanov’s (@gelmanovrustam) main objective. I was really excited to be able to snap a few photos of him on it. Watching him on it, it seemed like success was imminent if the weather cooperated and he avoided finger splits. The day I got home, a few days after this shot, he ended up making the second ascent of this Daniel Woods line which had sat unrepeated for roughly 6 years—thwarting many of the world’s top boulderers during that time. Really strong work! #bouldering #climbing #redbull

One of the best, and definitely the oldest climbing gyms in El Paso: Martini Cave. Here’s Jess (@eggtravels) building cave fitness on one of many late day burns before the honking of park rangers tells you it’s time to leave and head to camp for a cold cerveza. #huecotanks

Bimini Horstmann (@bimini_bot) and Allison Vest (@allisonvest) showing you roughly how many body lengths that @psicobloc wall is. Gives me 🦋🦋 thinking about it. 😳😣😬 #climbing #jumping

Congrats to Margo Hayes for her fresh 5.15 ascent of Biographie. I was psyched to finally see that wall and that particular route this summer on a last minute trip over to France, my first time to Europe in over a decade. It was fantastic being able to shoot it while cheering on @michaelakiersch who was trying it at the time (in some awful conditions). Well, when the conditions got us down, there was always great food and company at the end of the day. What else can you ask for? Looking forward to seeing what other climbs go down as the temps drop this fall. Congratulations again @margojain !! #ceuse #sportclimbing #adventurephotography

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