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Andy To  From the hood to the clouds #oaklandproud Currently 📍: NYC 🎦: Video @ BD 📩: 📸: @sonyalpha #alphacollective

Shout out to the friends I don't get to talk to anymore on a daily basis, life got crazy but we had a good run & our memories are priceless. I hope everything is going good with everyone
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[i can't make this up] What inspires me to write is just memories from the past. Everything comes from things I’ve been through. Sometimes it can be just me seeing things other people have been through that I could relate to. It’s not always just about my memory. So I create an image in my head. Someone recently said to me “You smile so often in your snaps, are there ever any bad days?” Like you and everyone else who’s reading, I’m human. My bad days, however, are really bad. I experience a lot of frustration. Sometimes when I’m writing these journals I don’t want to remember my past.. The streets, the rejection, the shame. Then I don’t want to be selfish and not tap into the realness of my life. To ease my way out of frustration is by writing it out and creating art. It’s really hard to describe how I feel when I take a photo or when I’m out on the road. It’s just a temporary get away from the problems, and you know.. that’s good enough for me. And then when I really think about it I guess I’m doing ok for someone that was labeled “special ed” and below reading level? Although my writing isn’t perfect, I can admit now that it’s gradually gotten better. Kinda. For those of you guys who spend the time to read these long captions that I write it truly does mean a lot. I’ve always had the problem of over thinking and putting myself out there to the world. But I had to really look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that I don’t ever want to be scared to tell my story. So I hope that by reading this that you feel comfortable enough to even share yours. Either with me in the comments below or even in a DM. I’ll be your pen pal, your homie from the cyberwebz. Since you made it this far if you're feeling this let me know by commenting #fammmm.
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Rid all things, people, and situations that are stopping you from smiling with your soul
Send a cyber smile if you're feeling this, happy Monday 😊

#andytojournal Anybody remember writing “Do-Nows?” I would cringe when I read the prompt of “Write about what you did over the summer” I used to make up stories about traveling somewhere cool such as Disneyland or Hawaii. If I was real with the question I would’ve written that I played tag with my neighbors and just hung out on the block. My family just simply couldn’t afford to go. So my neighbors and I had to find a creative way to make the best out of what we had access to. On the block we would climb trees and pick the plums, play tag, sports, and pretty much anything we could get our hands onto. Soon after we started walking to our nearby park, and eventually we found ourselves exploring the next city on bicycles we found and fixed up. [Fast forward] At the age of 22 I saw these stars in the sky for my first time and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was bliss. Hah.. I really don’t know how I got blessed like this to get the opportunity to see witness things like these. @BeautifulDestinations' mission is to encourage our community to get out and explore. I hope by you reading about my childhood adventures that you make plans for this weekend (even if you’re broke, because I was too) (still am) (lol). Go out, get lost, make mistakes, but smile, stay true to who you are and just know that it’s all apart of the process. If you read this until the end let me know by commenting #letsgo

You have $10,000,000 but you can only buy things that start with the first letter of your name. What would you buy? 🤔 #beautifuldestinations

[Random Act of kindness] Comment 🌁🌁🌁 and let me know about a recent act of kindness of yours. I'll message you this to you as a wall paper afterwards 😊
Currently working on Let's Go San Francisco and I'm hoping to put something out to make you guys back proud back at home. Huge thank you to everyone who's submitted an audio bit. Your stories make me miss home even more. #bdteam #beautifuldestinations

When it comes to the weekends I can always rely on @jlinhh to plan out a spontaneous trip (I'm the worst at planning). Last week I got to experience D.C. for my first time!! My favorite part was watching sunset at the Lincoln memorial as the sky was burning with purples and orange tones. Although there were so many people there it was nice to just put the camera down, hang out with Abraham Lincoln, and listen in on the tour guides dropping knowledge where MLK gave his legendary "I have a dream" speech. #beautifuldestinations #thedonovan

[beauty in disguise] Ever woke up upset because of your living situation? Let me paint a picture for you. When it rained, the roof leaked. Throughout the summer, we didn't have A/C. Even when we got food stamp they weren't eligible for the cooler cereals like Frosted Flakes. Hold on a second. *smiles. We had to get creative and embrace the struggle in the hood. When the roof leaked, we stapled tarp, cut a hole in a middle and let the water leak into a bucket. When it got hot, we sprayed the fan with a water bottle to refresh ourselves. And when we couldn't afford Frosted Flakes we just added sugar to corn flakes. Random but Top ramen with an egg almost made it healthy. (Deep breath) Something I take away from those experiences was figuring out a way to make something out of nothing. Once I got my hands onto a box of Frosted Flakes I ate it with the biggest smile on my face because I appreciated the hard work it took to get them. Remembering these stories and staying positives have kept me grounded during my journey. Since you read this all the way until the end. Let me know by commenting #beautyindisguise
If you have a story you'd like to share, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. #bdteam #andytojournal

[Hood Story] Growing up in Oakland taught me to be more independent and let me tell you why. With the crime rate at a all time high, my grandmother would always remind me to make sure I watched my back when walking to and from school. "Just be careful, you never know." I always told myself nothing was ever going to happen but I slowly started to learn that my childhood utopia had harsh realities. I was robbed for my bicycle when I was 9, my house was broken into when I was 14 and they took EVERYTHING. There was even a time where I was robbed at gun point. I think it was at that moment in time I learned that material possessions meant nothing to me. Starting over again in life was difficult but I'm still here today and alive to share the story. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can start over again, anytime. I think it's when you've hit rock bottom that you'll have to dig for that inner strength. I don't want to soap box your feed but I know there's someone out there who's going through tough times right now. This is for you. I have so much respect for the struggle. Let me know about what you're going through right now in your life. Hope I could help in anyway possible
If you read this until the end let me know by commenting #thestruggleisreal
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[Story time] Gives me so much pride and joy to announce that we just went live with my first BD video. After days of working with @travisburkephotography we built out his story together to give you guys a little more insight into his life and career.
Travis Burke is a photographer who risked everything to chase a lifelong passion to create full time on the road. He spent his entire savings to create his ultimate travel van. Learn about the process it took to get on the road and the obstacles he overcame in pursuing his dream!
Social Media is a powerful tool that has the ability to foster community, build relationships and inspire millions. However, we often curate our lives and share only a small part of who we are. "Behind the Handle" is a series dedicate to diving deeper into the life of the creator - highlighting their passions, struggles and journey. We hope that by offering such transparency that others will find inspiration & solace in knowing the deeper story behind the imagery we have all come to love!! If you enjoyed this story let me know in the comments who’d you think we should profile next 😃
Huge thank you to these guys for helping out -- wouldn't of been possible without you @davispaul @zeekyan @handsomerobinson @joeleefilms @briannguyen
Full video link in my bio #bdteam #beautifuldestinations

There are no short cuts to any place worth going. Happy Monday everyone! Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable today 👍🏼#beautifuldestinations #bdteam

I know it's weird having cyber friends so let me break the ice. Hi I'm Andy! What's your name? If you could live in one of those houses which color would you pick? 😊 #beautifuldestinations #bdteam #bdvenice

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