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Andy To Suzhou  Traveler | NY based content creator Currently: Suzhou 🇨🇳 ⬇️ Latest Youtube Video ⬇️

Crazy to think that this place is known as heaven on earth. My father once told me that my family were distant descendants of Suzhou. There were many times during this trip where I’d just close my eyes and imagine myself in one of the past dynasties. I guess it’s my turn to leave my photo footprint.
Where are you guys from? Tell me something about your ancestry ✨

We started off with trips to taco trucks in Oakland at 12 in the morning. Then road trips to Disneyland with my car barely being able to make it. We had no idea who or what we were going to be. We still don’t know lol. Before all of this social media stuff. We struggled. We survived kinda. This is probably the softest caption I’ve ever written but it’s koo. You koo. I like u girl

As I was sitting there this moment brought me back to a vivid memory of myself as a child. On summer days I would sit outside on the hood of my grandpas car and listen to the sounds of nature. The only difference is that my grandpa would be chillin shirtless with a can of beer. I guess you can call it hood meditation 😂✊🏼
Would you be down to sit here and listen to the sounds of the wind?
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With spring right around the corner @gotonanjing brought us to Purple Mountain where we got to see the cherry blossoms and plum trees in full bloom. I’ve always dreamed of going to China as a little kid and I can’t believe we’re actually here right now. Full YouTube video coming soon that I can’t wait to share with you all! #andytonanjing
@gotonanjing #gotonanjing @cathaypacific #mychinaexperience #ad

Back in the US for the day before I leave to China. Let’s catch up! How was your week? #shotoniphone

Yona reminded me that working hard and having hope could actually lead to a better future. Crazy to think how powerful the human spirit is. Even when you’ve hit rock bottom and are at the brink of giving up his story has empowered me in so many ways. Through our interpreter we were able to share our hardships together although we were from two completely different parts of the world. At the end of the day we laughed it out, dabbed up, and carried on with our work. If you read this until the end I hope that you feel no signs of pity but instead feel the energy of resiliency. Share with me a time where you were at the brink of giving up or show love by commenting 💎
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Double down on what you love. What’s that thing that makes you tick?
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Can you believe that? A kid from Oakland walking around believing in fairytales
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Scenario: I’m in your hometown, where we getting tacos? 🤓🌮

Much needed mental break. It’s something about the west coast that always makes me feel at peace. Kept my shooting to a minimum so that I could fully enjoy the digital detox. Some techniques I used were simple in camera transitions and dolly movements. Everything was shot on HFR (high frame rate mode) that gave me access to 240fps at 1080p. Not bad for a point and shoot right? Let me know what you think 🧠🤓
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Dig deep and ask yourself who you really are. Every time I make a trip back to the bay I’m reminded that these streets are my home. We were driving around fruitvale and stories upon stories were speeding through my mind as we ate at my favorite taco truck. It was hard. There are times when I still get nightmares because of my upbringing. Waking up frantically to gun shots. There were times when I would come home and envision my house being cleared out because of how many times I’ve been robbed. I think it’s at this time, when you’re at your all time low that you find the strength and courage to stand tall. When you’re forced to play the cards you’re dealt. When I talk about my past never pity my stories. It’s the rawness of it that makes me feel truly alive. It’s the software in me that keeps me going. Turn your adversity into your advantage. Never forget where you came from.
If you took the time to read this until the end, I appreciate you. Let me know by commenting something about yourself. Welcome to my cyber family. #fammmm 🙏🏼

I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with good people. Learn new things. Where’s everyone from? Show me your flags 😉

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