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Supportate la vostra libreria di quartiere. Ve lo dico: dentro è tutto bellissimo. #Isola

Never went to church but attending bookshops on a daily basis.

Va che belli i nuovi @minimumfax 📚
// @gogolandcompany se vi va di venire a sistemare anche la mia di libreria io ci metto le birre.

Is there anyone in the world who has written a cheque and not felt like they were playing the part of someone writing a cheque? — 'Trees' by Emily Berry @thewhitereview issue 6

Sono stata seduta in mezzo alla foresta di poltrone rosse del @piccoloteatromilano un numero dimenticato di volte. Oggi per la prima volta nella grotta di Arlecchino. #SharingArts #ad💥

From the archive: meet Bournemouth Vintage Quarter's gem. The rafters are full to the brim with the most beautiful of household items and second hand books. Plus, they also sell lovely cakes, light food and tea. #Bournemouth #shoplocal

Another cracking indie bookstore I'll be forever recommending. Also thanks for not making me feel like a petty thief for picking up bookmarks from the counter. #Belfast #shoplocal

Northern Ireland is an earthly Paradise: salty breeze, miles of the greenest coastline, three times distilled whiskey - the Scots spell it 'whisky' while the Irish add an extra 'e'. And the list keeps going... #northernireland

Blue skies and brine: willing to join Protestants and settle here after retirement. #northernireland

Last one of Keats & Chapman I promise. Too beautiful not to share. #Belfast #shoplocal

Just don't go in, you'll never leave!
It can initially be a little intimidating by the sheer volume, yet everything is organised into genres and A/Z order so finding things is quite straightforward. About the fellow bookseller: he looked a bit pissed off - not the first time this happens. Sometimes I'm reminded of how much I overrate the Britons - and cherish them. #Belfast #shoplocal

A note on Moshin Hamid's latest novel as I've been recommending it a lot lately. // He came up with the right plot at the right time, we have to give this to him. In some way he was able to foresee some of the political and social events happening in the world right now. And how he lays down the narration is such a pleasant lightweight manner. Only his prose is doing everything to wind me up: sentences are mostly standoffish and upright, it almost sounds as a not native English speaker with top notch writing skills wrote this. But still, we can't have everything. #ExitWest #fiction

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