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Kate  I have a poetry newsletter called #FuckingPoetry

A Morning in New Cross
Cooking breakfast in your kitchen I talk nothing
with your housemates
At all times my eyes aware
of how your body moves in baggy clothes

Your shoulders, elbows, legs
emerge from that long shirt
As you brew tea and make us pancakes
I'm scared in case of all the things

I don't think I'm
I don't want to lose again

You shut my brain up with a sweeping hand

Christmas time is a major time for bookselling so it makes sense to remember there’s a whole bunch of alternatives to amazon and big chains when it comes to book shopping. Here a few hints:
- call your local bookstore and ask for that one title you’ve been looking for, easy peasy. If they don’t have it you can always place an order and come and collect it yourself once available in store.
- If you struggle to get hold of foreign books reach out to a bookshop in that specific country and get your books sent to you.
- Ask a friend if they can get it for you!
- For UK residents is a music and book marketplace. A per cent of the profits go back into your nearest indie bookshop every time you make a purchase.

Happy holidays 📚📚📚

My £2 tatty copy of Plath’s The Bell Jar for the days we have spent together has quite successfully prevented me from having decent social interactions. And that’s okay. It has been an excruciating but also intensely fascinating time. Powerful connections with people that have made or make perfect art must be valued above all of the nonsense we are fed on a daily basis. Plath had a divine gift for funneling her raw self and view of the world into a whole kind of literature. No writer that I read and cherish today has ever spoken through me the way she does. This is a perfect novel. @faberbooks #SylviaPlath

another glorious day in South East London 🤟🏻🦆☁️

still England’s hottest month
# ☁️🍦⛱ 🇬🇧

I was going to caption this inside my mind but then that would’ve been too basic of me

unpublished 📚

to my eyes it’s all glitter

if I could have a dinner party with anyone alive or dead I would probably choose sunflowers
# 🌻

If you know me just a wee bit you’re very much aware of my incomparable fondness for that patch of island called #Richmond upon Thames @theopenbookrichmond
#bookshopsofbritain #SouthLondon

“It had something to do with love and something to with grief. It was just this: I’d be down on the floor sometimes, picking up fallen chunks of crab cake near some diamond broker’s shoe, with my apron and my crumber and my Yes, sir, certainly, right away and I’d feel impaled by the sight and feel of the half-eaten crabmeat because it wasn’t her sparkly laugh and it wasn’t that place on her shoulder, right up against her neck, that smells like sunlight.”

Neighbourhood is packed with Instagram venues you still had to see on Instagram because no one does #EastDulwich which is great ‘cause your girl is back on track 🍃 🍃

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