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making all instagram joyful with these fresh flowers from Shoreditch florist

“Still, Connell went home that night and read over some notes he had been making for a new story, and he felt the old beat of pleasure in his body, like watching a perfect goal, like the rustling movement of light through leaves, a phrase of music from the window of a passing car. Life offers up these moments of joy despite everything.” @faberbooks #andykatereads #SallyRooney

we’ve definitely packed up the sun until next spring summer #London

What we happen to read is sometimes tossed to us with such cosmic precision that we can only falter and flinch. Knowing that god I could have written this. And yet it was released through another reasoning, another pen. I have been feeling my words all throughout Sheila’s novel and is one feeling I’d like to leave unnamed.
“What I need is so small: to eradicate any sentimentality from my feelings and to look at what is. Today, I defined sentimental to myself as a feeling about the idea of a feeling: and it seemed to me that my inclinations towards motherhood had a lot to do with the idea of a feeling about motherhood.” #andykatereads #SheilaHeti

+1 gorgeous bookshop

“I don’t like proximity, she told him. But why he kept saying. What’s the source of that feeling. It wasn’t a feeling that had a source, except in the way the source of hay fever is flowers. It was just she kept sneezing, it was just that she needed seven hours weeks months years a day totally alone, trawling the bottom of the ocean, it’s why she spent so much time on the internet.” @picadorbooks #andykatereads

hurtling towards the end of summer i.e three months where kids gallivant around coastal towns with ice cream sticking to garments freshly washed by their mama and I fail once again to get a tan but It’s Great Being Pale

Antiques shopping in Margate, Kent

I’m a simple girl, I’m attracted to Rupert Brooke’s first editions and sweet elderly booksellers

Where the seagulls at!!!
#englishsummer #sunsoaked

Alas they’re moving to another venue so I haven’t had the chance to actually browse inside the shop. But, look, there’s a swan overlooking the window! #bookshopsofbritain

Ham on Rye

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