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Andy  Ex-Accountant/Auditor. Personal Trainer/ZumbaInstructor/StepInstructor. Fitness is a long term commitment. Peace, Harmony & Love to ALL.

Throwback Another one 12 OCT 2017 : the girl behind

Throwback video Part 2 : one take

12 OCT 2017 6:17pm
Deleting my video on my phone. Was going to delete this video. Look at the girls in and near the pool !!! 🤣🤣👍
#thistlehoteljb #thistlehotel #zumba❤️ #zumbainstructors #fitnessover50

Water-Well No.09 : this little girl jumped onto my back when I squatted down to check on the new water-well. Her mom behind scolded and stopped her.
Then I said, “let’s Wefie!”

We don’t believe sending others to do our jobs, don’t just point to others.
Sometimes we heard that little noise on our ears; but we will just say, let’s other people do it, just not me.

We don’t wait. We go and we do.
#helpinghands #helpingothers #cambodiacleanwaterproject

Water-well No.8
Bless and be blessed. That’s what I always believe in.
#cambodiacleanwaterproject #helpinghands

True. We can’t help everyone; but everyone can help someone. #helpinghands

Another big family asked for a new water wells. Just like the rest of the near by villagers, they live on rain water.
#helpinghands #cambodiacleanwaterproject

This family is happy to receive their new water well.
#cambodiacleanwaterproject #helpinghands

Another family needed a new water well. The old one damaged and also no more underground water available. #cambodiacleanwaterproject #helpinghands

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