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Andy Grammer  Tell me your story, but don’t leave the good parts out.

Rehearsing with homies. Workin on arrangements and keeping it fresh. Can’t let that shizz get stale 🤤 #keepinitfresh #sundayhappyplace

My stylist @kayceekuna got a sphynx named Sophie... #insertsomesortofzoolanderquote #hereyesthough #mugatu

Practicing my sweet guitar licks... #lucythebatpig #greatpunalert

LOVE THIS. #FRESHEYES 📸 @emmahammontree

So proud of my ladies for shining bright in this piece about mothers and daughters - link in bio. Having an amazing mother completely shaped who I am today and watching my wife grow into this role with such class, honesty, beauty, and sass is such a gift. Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mom Kathy and an extra special Happy Mother’s Day to the new mom in my life, @aijiaofficial. Check my story and swipe up for the full @soulpancake vid.

Getting to play “The Good Parts” with @thebostonpops tonight was really special. In the current musical landscape where computers are king and you can make so much happen “in the box”, stretching it out without a click and nearly 💯 highly trained professional musicians was good for the soul. #thebostonpops #openingnight #fullorchestravibes

Teaching her the stank face early. To be used: A) When the bass line is stanky B) When boys be throwin game C) When you order fries and specifically ask if anyone wants some and they say no, then they have the gaul to start reaching for them when they arrive... #louieinstagrammer #maui #daddysgirl

This is everything I love wrapped up into one post... helping the homeless with busking. Gotta be honest I never had a heart quite this big when I was still street performing but I might have to do this soon. Made my entire day. Go follow my boy @tanksgoodnews - #homeless #busking #hugeheart #streetperforming

Loved getting down to #THEGOODPARTS with fans sharing some amazing stories. Full episode at link in bio.

Had the time of my life with you all on #THEGOODPARTSTOUR #TBT #ALWAYS

Last night was unreal. 10,000 at Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta for the DECA conference. High school kids know how to party... #deca #soloud #throwdown #sogood

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