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I wanted to ride my bike today but I'll make do with this.
The skiing was amazing but it was a little touchy out there today... @jasondorais @cawleychris and @lasportivana @julbousa @skimo_co @movementskis @grivel

I guess racing bikes can wait a little bit... Thanks @jasondorais and @slcviking for chasing winter this morning.

We were turned back from this one a couple months ago. It's become quite popular since then so we figured we should keep up with current trends.
Video edit to follow... Pic is of @jasondorais and @slcviking heading towards Dromadary and the Firing Squad this morning.

Facebook reminded me that this was eight years ago today. @slcviking and I slept at the TH and started hours before @jaredinouye and @sam_inouye . Eventually we leeched off them for the rest of the day after they passed us while still low in Primrose Cirque. I was terrified and the East Ridge felt so huge that day. It will always be a favorite. Photo by @jaredinouye

Yesterday, I rode essentially from the beach to the summit of Haleakala. I was totally unprepared (or much too wimpy) for the freezing rain on the summit. Hitch hiking down was the only civilized option. I was also unprepared for a 10000 foot climb and cramped up just below the summit.
Also pictured: the boys fully approved of Maui.

Our penultimate day was a good one. Red skies and red sand beaches!

Black sand beaches and caves!

Coconut Glens, road side waterfalls, Jaws, sea turtles, pretty girls, watching incredible surfing, shave ice and worn out kids.
@jessie.dorais @johnmalfatto @kmart_malf @doraimee @mikedorais @anndorais

Chasing waterfalls with @Jessie.dorais @johnmalfatto @kmart_malf @doraimee and five crying kids.

Another day in paradise with @Jessie.dorais @kmart_malf @johnmalfatto @doraimee

By coincidence my parents are in Maui at the exact same time as us. My dad was on a research boat for the last three months and we kept our plans a secret until he saw the boys running at him on the beach. That was a good surprise.

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