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Adam Devine  Join me on my mission to save the arts in public schools by doing nothing more than buying beer.

Happy holidaze from the set of Game Over Man. #GameOverMan #netflix

Hanging with my homies! I can't wait for you guys to see this movie. We're on some next level accidental action hero shit. #GameOverMan #netflix

The MTV Movie Awards has Tv now and they also have me as a host!!!! There was no other actor who was as accomplished as I in both movies AND tv! Also, Chris Pratt is super busy. May 7th! Live! I'm not nervous about that at all!

The face you make when the cold gold paint hits your b hole. Sorry to the sweet woman that had to paint the undercarriage of this human Porche 911 turdbo. I can't tell you what this is about but you will find out soon enough. Big thangs!!!

Tonight is the last episode of #workaholics FOREVER! About 8 years ago I started this wild ride with my best friends and through the process I made a lot more life long friends on the crew and the staff that helped us put together this insane run. @kylenewacheck Was directing us or he'd be on the roof with us. We're not done yet but we are closing this booze soaked chapter. This pic was taken after the very last shot. Yea, we landed back on the roof. Ya got to bookend this bitch. Tune in and drop out with us one last time. #yeaimcrying

I’m psyched to be a part of this new badass movement called @InspiredCommunity! Every time I use this lil card, I’m helping kids in need get weird (in a non dangerous minds way) in high poverty classrooms through music and art.  Right now we're focused on keeping the Arts in schools (Stoners this applies to you (us))! A % of everything you spend goes to helping kids, and none of it comes out of your pocket! It’s absolutely free and you don't need to sign up for a new card you just link it to another one and use this one. Get a card for yourself through the link in my bio or go to: You’ll feel awesome about buying tix to my show…and beer...and pogs. Are pogs still a thing? Pogs need to make a comeback! #GetInspired #doitforthepogs

In honor of International Women's day, I would like to proudly proclaim that I think you're funny no matter what Ders says. #workaholics #lastseason @comedycentral Oh and BTW this is fictional Adam throwing fictional Ders under the bus. We as actual humans both find women very funny. I mean Jilllan and Maribeth have been causing us uber belly laughs for years. #gurlpower

Walk on stage with me. These vids are from the last two shows of my tour @thewiltern in Los Angeles and the Masonic in San Francisco. There's truly not a better feeling in the world. I dunno... Crack might be better. Crack heads seem to love it and are willing to sleep on the cement to smoke it. I wouldn't sleep on the cement to get this feeling. So walking on stage is a slightly less better feeling than smoking crack. Also, I don't smoke crack.

Big shout out to the Original rump shakers and my best buds for coming out to my show last night at the Wiltern. This tour was amazing and to cap it off there was truly incredible. I still can't get over the the support and excitement my fans have shown me over the last month. 18 cities and 22 shows in 22 days and every one was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out and giggled the night away. I'm living my dream because of you. Thank you!!!

Happy birthday to this bad boi beefcake. Here's a picture of him putting his head on because he's a comedy alien. Love ya bud. Wish I could be with ya to chug light beers and talk about our wild ride we've been on together.

@brentmorin and I are crushing the post show dance offs. I'm having the best time ever on tour! We only have 3 shows left. @adamraycomedy and I are gonna close it out. Eugene is sold out but we have a few tix left in San Francisco at the Masonic and Los Angeles at the Wiltern! Link in bio! Later actual skaters and also later to the people that don't skateboard.

I hope this one has sound. This is from the newest eppy. We found this VHS copy of the bad boy beef cakes on a early 2000's dating show. @nina guest stars and truly slays. #workaholics

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