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Warped 2018 kicks off in Pomona CA on June 21st! 📷credit to the original photographer 🆎🖤

“Intending to burn, pretending to fight it
Everyone learns faster on fire” 📷: @katja_ogrin

DL 2018! Thank you to @skxllkid for the awesome photo. One of the coolest things about being lucky enough to do this for so many years is having the opportunity to witness those who have supported your art grow as artists themselves. All too often we focus on the drama or negativity that can grow amongst a passionate fan base but the truth is that someone like Shannon is living proof of how powerful the connection all of us as fans and rock supporters have. I grew up going to shows and studying my favorite musicians and hoped that one day with dedication and work i would be able to be up on that stage, similarly I have watched Shannon photograph us from the pit across the UK for years and I am so thrilled for her that she is not only following her dream but also kicking ass. Keep it up! 💀

eat your heart out DL 2018

Download 2012. I can’t wait to get back to this festival next week. In the early days of BVB getting in front of the UK audience @downloadfest was a major benefit for us and we have always been treated so well by Andy Copping and his team. I am very excited to see all of you there at this massive celebration of rock and roll! 🆎🖤

...through the endless void 📷: @joshuashultz

2009. Here’s a photo from the debut BVB video for “Knives and Pens”. Didn’t have a “pot to piss in” so to speak and got extremely lucky meeting @fatpogarty who took a chance on me and executed the concept perfectly. A huge debt of gratitude goes to Sandra, Chris and everyone who worked behind the scenes as well on the video. Ultimately it proved to be the first step in the journey that lead many of us to where we are today. If you’re interested @nevertakeitoff are doing a limited engraved and numbered run of the replica necklace to the one I wore here and in the early days of BVB. Check it out if that interests you and use the promo code KnivesandPens for 20% off. Once again thank you all for your continued support through all the years! 🆎🖤

I am so stoked to get to do these classes again, they have been one of the biggest highlights for me of last few years doing @vanswarpedtour and I will be doing one every day that we are out there this year. Come check it out if you’re interested in an open discussion about personal growth, education (both the pros and cons of traditional schooling in America, spoiler: stay in school haha) and I will answer any questions you may have about my journey through life and my career and offer whatever advice I can! Check out @thinktei for more info! Seeya this summer 🆎🖤

know one 📷: @jeremysaffer

Thank you to all who attended #theresurrectiontour I had an amazing time and I am so thankful to get to play these shows for you all with my band mates in @blackveilbrides , our incredible crew and everyone that works to make the shows a success each and every night. Thank you to the kind and talented guys in @askingalexandria for sharing the road with us and kicking ass as always. Thank you to @blessthefall , @crowntheempire and @totheratsandwolves for starting off the shows and setting the tone each night and to everyone on their respective crews for helping to make everything run so smoothly. Touring requires a great deal of time and effort from everyone involved and I have been so fortunate to get to work with so many great people over the years. I am thrilled to get to do this for a living and I appreciate you all for making this possible. Now, I am so fucking excited to return home to my beautiful wife and best friend @thejulietsimms and our sweet little monster pets (DD, Crow and Femme) to spend some quality time with those I love the most. I have been fortunate in my life to get to live through so many ups and downs and be where I am at today as a man, husband and artist. Thanks for sticking with me through the journey. Next up we will seeya in a few weeks at @downloadfest and the final @vanswarpedtour 🆎🖤 #dyeyourrootsman PS thank you to my wonderful parents for coming out yesterday and for bringing me this new #whodey shirt 😜

Indiana tonight, Niagara Falls tomorrow and @rockontherange on Saturday to wrap up #theresurrectiontour 🆎🖤 📷: @sedition1216 #giantfishwithlobsterclawsguy

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