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Andy Mann  Adventure & Nature Photographer/Director. Partner @3stringsproductions. Contributor @natgeo @sealegacy @natgeopristineseas @waittfoundation

Stoked to be Montana bound today to meet up with good buddy @kai_lenny for some more action on the Yellowstone River. Flows are up. Winds are ripping. Time to play! @redbull @ladzinski @cainedelacy @calstrin @brianszymanski @3stringsproductions

At home on this snowy Colorado day editing together our 360 VR night dive with the Oceanics. Definitely the coolest VR experience I've had with a headset. Here is a screenshot from the film. You can see the lights of our boat above the surface. I'll be posting a behind the scenes of how we pulled this off in the coming weeks. @google @moorecharitable @sea_legacy

Thanks for the photo @perrinjames1 // Here, I'm filming the critically endangered Oceanic Whitetip in 360 VR as freediver @seabacon goes down for a better view. Working with @google @moorecharitable @ceibahamas to bring this immersive experience to classrooms around the world has been a fun and rewarding project! @ignacioferrando360

Nothing is more important to me than my family and no adventure compares to the life I've chosen with my beautiful wife @orienstar. Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful women in the world. Thanks for being our anchor!

Know what it feels like to be alone? Multiply that times a thousand and you have Laura Dekker, the youngest person to sail solo around the world. The journey took her 518 days on her 38 foot two-masted ketch, named "Guppy." She was 16 years old at the time. I enjoyed sharing stories with her over tea aboard Guppy on a recent trip New Zealand. People like Laura in inspire me to push my boundaries. @costasunglasses @cainedelacy

It continues to be an amazing week free-diving with these amazing Oceanics off the deep ledges of Cat Island. Here, good buddy @perrinjames1 gets the shot in the deep blue.


Yesterday was a memorable day at sea with good friends, ending with something we've all dreamed of for years: a night dive in the black water with the Oceanic Whitetips. So grateful for our oceans 🙏🏼 @moorecharitable @ceibahamas @google

A large Tiger plays hard to get under the dock. Just look at that beautiful tail. It's good to be back in the Bahamas, the sharkiest place in the world. It's probably a good idea to double check your landings here before your next backflip! Stoked to be joining friends @seabacon @perrinjames1 @sharkgirlmadison @charlescrayola @ollieshipley27 @mbond8 @lucyahowey @debra.abercrombie @captinjoeydafish @maggiew27 @epicdiving @seawilliams for a few weeks of sharks and science.

Fist full of brushes! Amazing landscape painter @emilieleelee bottling last light in Monument Valley and spilling it onto canvas. A candid moment from a road trip across the Southwest with my favorite artists @ladzinski @chrisburkard @gregoryalanisakov @jercollins_com @stirratt2 @andy_best @bhatcherphoto @dianeculhaneart #convergencefilm

Happy Earth Day! Let the collective positive impact we have as a single voice for change ring loud all the way the bottom of the planet! It's a long uphill battle to righting our wrongs but I believe every step up that hill is a step in the right direction. // Thanks @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier for experiences like this one: An evening on the ice with a Weddell Seal that still feels like a dream. Well this place is real and In 2018 there will be a vote to project the Antarctica Peninsula by an organization called CCAMLR in Hobart, Tasmania. We'll be there. @sea_legacy #CCAMLR2018 @natgeo @ladzinski @craigwelch @ianvaso @pattersonimages @3stringsproductions @sadiequarrier

Sometimes the best fishing spots are the hardest to get to. @trippin_on_trout fighting cold, fast currents down in New Zealand. @costasunglasses @cainedelacy @ponderingtype @flyfishingnz

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