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Andy Mann  adventure & ocean photographer @natgeo @sea_legacy // commercial director @3stringsproductions @natgeocreative // climber // diver // folkie // father

Arctic Blue and White. My favorite color pallet. Setting off from #longyearbyen today with a great team of guides and photographers for a two week trip around #Svalbard. I hope to see the bears doing well this season! Bon voyage. @naturalworldsafaris @ladzinski @benjacksonnz @pernillesoeegaarddk @wikstrom_photography

Boston!!! On June 28th @newenglandaquarium IMAX theater I’ll be sharing stories spanning a decade of work. From the summits to the seas. It’s a brand new show and I’m excited to share it for the very first time. Let’s talk conservation, adventure and have some laughs. Get your tickets soon. (Link in Bio) Hope to see you there! @andersoncabotcenter

I’ve experienced the Arctic in a variety of ways over the years. The memories of laughs and climbing adventures with this guy @mikelibecki is something I’m incredibly grateful for. I woke up and took this shot for no particular reason other than a little keep-sake to remind me that we were sleeping on a ledge 100 feet up a cliff so polar bears wouldn’t get us in the night. A few hours later, taking a new route up, my gear pulled and I landed on my back in the talus at Mike’s feet. Maybe 40 feet or so. Far enough to remember bracing for impact. I just laid there in silence as Mike made the call for a boat to come retrieve us - 4 days away and another 4 days back to the nearest settlement. I basically walked it off after a few hours, though our trip was over. It’s one of 3 close calls I’ve had up here. I feel spared more than I feel lucky but I guess it’s good to have both. Heading back today with @ladzinski and @naturalworldsafaris to Svalbard to take ‘er a little easier. 🏔👌🏼

The Arctic. I’m pretty convinced thats where actual magic was born into this planet. But to be positively certain of it, I’m packing my bags for #Svalbard for a two week trip with my brethren @ladzinski & @naturalworldsafaris to find the route of it’s sorcery. One thing is for damn sure, you can’t drill for magic...and congress has just voted to open up #arcticnationalwildliferefuge to oil drilling. We all can see what is at stake and we all do have a voice. Please lend yours here - link in bio.// This split image of a polar bear at sunset was taken while returning from a 3 week climbing expedition in which we spend almost a week locked in the sea ice. @mikelibecki @ladzinski @connor_seybert // @roam @sonyalpha #alphacollective @sea_legacy

A back-pedaling moment off Cat Island, Bahamas as four beautiful oceanic whitetip sharks arrive on the scene. These guys are so curious that you often have to create space to even get them in frame. This is my happy place.

I’m incredibly blessed to be able to use my camera to help tell the stories of our changing planet and grateful to have the support I need to do it. It’s a rare alignment and I’m very excited to announce a long term partnership with @eaglecreek and the launch of the @natgeo new Guide Series adventure gear line. Check it out! The link is in my profile. #FindYourUnknown // BTS footage shot by: @perrinjames1 during a trip to Cat Island, Bahamas. 🙏🏼🦈🌎

Good morning Colorado. Oh how I love you so. Thanks for bringing me here 15 years ago and opening my eyes to adventure and all the branches of that tree. Celebrating my 15th this morning getting back to that appreciation. Sunrise painting Hallet’s Peak in #rockymountainnationalpark. 🙏🏼 @fotopro.usa @sonyalpha #alphacollective

Video by @sea_legacy / Open-net Atlantic fish farms have been contaminating the pristine waters of coastal British Columbia for more than twenty years. Indigenous communities have been calling attention to the issue for decades. As evidence mounts, we now know that these destructive farms are not just an Indigenous problem. They concern everyone because we all depend on healthy and abundant oceans. A recent poll shows that three in four British Columbians want these farms banned.
@Sea_Legacy is launching #GetFishFarmsOut, a call to the BC and Federal Governments of Canada to do the right thing. They campaigned on a promise to ensure the salmon farming industry does not endanger wild Pacific salmon. Yet, this is exactly what is happening. Check the link at @sea_Legacy to join us in the campaign to #GetFishFarmsOut. // #turningthetide @tavishcampbell

Once a year the original twelve parties on the Antarctica Treaty meet to discuss matters of common interest pertaining to the great continent. This forum is called the “Antarctic Treaty Consultive Meeting” Or “ATCM” and is being held this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today I fly there on behalf of @sea_legacy & @antarcticsouthernocean to present our newest film about the Antarctic Peninsula and speak briefly about the importance of creating a marine protected area around its most vulnerable areas. I’m both honored and humbled by the trust and opportunity given to me by our @sea_legacy leaders @cristinamittermeier & @paulnicklen and to speak on behalf of every member of the tide, every institution who has a stake in protecting this kingdom and every single child on this planet who one day dreams of living in harmony with a wild and healthy planet. 🙏🏼 // Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this short film and put the pieces in place for us @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @shanemoorefilms @ladzinski @pattersonimages @ianvaso @rodolfowerner @max_bello @pewenvironment @lilienfrederic @ignacioferrando360 @jennygnichols @craigwelch @natgeo

Bidding farewell to the Caribbean for the season. Four great trips and over fifty hours in the water with the sharks. Lots accomplished but so much more to learn and strive for. Big thanks to everyone who helped make these trips possible. The bag shuffle begins now. 🤙🏼 @eaglecreek @sea_legacy 📷: @seabacon

Moments like these pull me back into the ocean with a magnetic force. They are unforgettable no matter how much time you spend in the water. So I’m zipping up the @eaglecreek trunks again with damp wetsuits, salty masks and sandy camera gear for another trip back to Bahamas tomorrow. I can’t get enough. Good thing I never really unpacked. 👌🏼 Here @seabacon finds quality time in the blue with an Oceanic Whitetip Shark. 🦈

We’re basically all just kicking aimlessly around in circles. I find the journey a little better with a few friends by my side. This Red Jelly isn’t so kind to his compadres as I noticed a few bones dropping every now and again. Treat your friends better than that, okay? 🤕. If it sounds like I’m making a stupid caption up as I go, it’s because I am. Sometimes I let my thumbs do the talking. 👍🏼. #jellyfish #friends #death #thumbs #sorrynotsorry #dontletmeruintheimage

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