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Unreal and Unforgettable #AllezLesBleus

Paradise was just a word until I saw this ☀️

Favorite quote of the day: “The best wine is one you enjoy drinking.” Barefoot must be the best wine out there, then!

Oh, where are my manners? You want a sip?

Week Three Update
1) Amsterdam has way too much to do with not enough time to do it
2) Meeting up with your best friend abroad makes the whole weekend worth it
3) I’m pretty good at pouring a beer out of a tap and I have a Heineken pin to prove it
4) I’ll never be able to get as cute of a couple picture as Brandon and I got

Week Two Update
1) The Eiffel Tower is much bigger in person, and it’s shine at night is unforgettable
2) The Louvre’s point is hard to touch
3) One of the few rules at the Eiffel Tower is no alcohol on the lawn, so naturally everyone drinks on the lawn
4) Paris is a city unlike any other and our two days here flew by

Week One Update:
1) After only hearing me say bonjour, most people in France instantly say “American?”
2) The FC Metz game was a blast when I wasn’t fearing for my life from the fan riots
3) France is expensive even when water costs more than wine
4) This summer is going to be unforgettable

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who inspires me each day to be the best I can be. Happy that all of my friends like her more than me ❤️

And that’s a wrap on the second year at the Institute. Thanks to everyone who made it the best one yet!

Thinking about home >> Studying for finals

We all know which of these two was my actual formal date... sorry Sydney

Having one date was strictly a formality 🕺🏽🍾

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