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Andrea Martin  18 y/o (Feb 26) 🇺🇸 Art+Music+Anime+Gaming=Life Art trades: (1/3) Commissions: (0/3) Link below is a Sonic fan film I voice acted in! (I was Tails)


Here's the finished result of my art trade with @batmanlord17! I drew two of her adorable OCs! Please check out her totally rad art! .
#drawing #art #traditionalart #blackandwhite #oc #originalcharacter #arttrade

I drew @back_laura_up's OC Somalia for her because she won second place in the last contest I hosted at @andy_drawing_contests. Congratulations to her! Check out her rad art! .
#art #drawing #traditionalart #lineart #oc #originalcharacter

I worked on this sketch for @everything_artistic, the third place winner of my last drawing contest I hosted at @andy_drawing_contests. Congrats to her! Please check out her art! :3 Also, I experimented with semi-realism and I'm really happy with how it came out! I might have made her shoulders too slim though…again XD
#art #drawing #traditionalart #semirealism #semirealistic #portrait

Here's a commission I worked on for @kingpinn02! It's Zero from Megaman versus the Masked Gentleman from Professor Layton. It was originally supposed to be them locking swords but ahh I was having too much trouble with that ;-; I'm still proud of this piece regardless. In case you're wondering, this drawing costed $8 since it was just a sketch.

#art #drawing #sketch #commission #traditionalart #andy112138_commissions #megaman #megamanzero #professorlayton #professorlaytonandthemiraclemask #maskedgentleman

Absolutely accurate! But in all seriousness, stay safe and stay indoors!!! Be alert for forecasts to see if you have to evacuate or just brace for impact. Just don't panic because everything will be fine :)

Hey guys! I just started co-running an adoptables account! You see that kitten? I made it! If you wanna adopt it, now's your chance! So head over to @adoptables.s right now or you might miss it! Or if you guys simply just come over and give us some love, that'd be amazing! Also, we are looking for more admins to help run the account! If you're interested in joining, shoot us a dm!

Someone needs to stop me haha. I adopted yet another adoptable! Aw but I just saw this cutie and I had to pair her up with Adaline!!! I'm still unsure if they should be related by blood or if they should become very good friends. Since this was a bio to adopt, I'll paste the bio I submitted right here: "Her name is Madeline and she's 11 years old. Her sexual orientation is questioning; she's still discovering herself. She is really fascinated by princesses and pretty girls and cute things like that. She hopes to one day become a princess herself! She really admires this princess named Adaline (an OC of mine) and looks up to her as a role model. She's a very sweet girl with a lot of compassion and curiosity and she's not afraid to speak her mind." .

I got this adoptable from @trashcanadopts! Be sure to check them out!


Last week, I sketched one of my new OCs, Mew. I more or less know the design I want to give her clothes but I hope I get to design the entirety of her outfit soon :3

#drawing #art #traditionalart #quicksketch #originalcharacter #oc #andy112138_OC

I drew Tinkerbell and Periwinkle enjoying some fruits for @einhorneressenkeinweed since she won first place in the last drawing contest I hosted on @andy_drawing_contests. Congratulations!!! Please check out her account, her art is really neat!

#art #drawing #traditionalart #disney #disneyfairies #tinkerbell #periwinkle #tinkerbellandperiwinkle

@thatnerdyduck drew my main OC yesterday and she looks so cute! Thank you for your lovely drawing! .
#giftart #andy112138_OC #digitalart

When I entered @everything_artistic's raffle a few weeks back, I won first place and these are all the neat things I won! The first is a drawing of my boyfriend (@freeloriven) and me. The second is a drawing of the lovely Echo from Pandora Hearts. And the third prize is an OC she gave me, which I drew kinda poorly (fourth picture).

#andy112138_OC #giftart #art #drawing #traditionalart #digitalart #pandorahearts #pandoraheartsecho

Officially marking my 400th post, here is my half of my art trade with @a_love_equation! I drew his lovely OC Lazarus. Please check out his amazing art and maybe even follow!

#art #drawing #traditionalart #arttrade #originalcharacter #oc

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