andwhatelseisthere andwhatelseisthere

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Extra cozy 🌲

Taste a beer as cold as your ex's heart

Practicing hygge 🌬

"Never forget to smile," said Kyriakos Phillippides, a 97-year old orange juice seller we coincidentally ran into by a small avenue of Limassol, Cyprus who happily shared a tip of his long-living years. We still owe you our postcard 💌

The world is abundant.

Tourists (and I was one)

You will find me in the place I know the best.

Time doesn't exist.

Testing 🌊

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul.

Thanks discontentment for reminding me to be humble and keep my eyes open for the next joy and opportunity. Cause damn, I won’t forget that I love to wander. And I’m obsessed with that too.

Wish it were summer all over again. On 365 times repeat.

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