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Felicity Fox  Uncontrollably artistic. Musician and Makeup Artist. Passionate creator. Living wherever I please. All makeup at @felicitybmakeup

I miss you! ❤☹️ @kateabidogoun

Dear Universe, I feel like you have been trying to tell me something lately. I have let you steer my ship most of my life, and it has been wonderful. But lately everything I seem to want, and want with all my heart, seems to be stamped with a big red CAN'T HAVE across the front. Sometimes it's because I decided to leave it to you, and it was just not meant to be. Sometimes my dreams involved people who you decided had a different fate, than to be a part of my dream. And sometimes it's because you gave me two choices, with which I could only find one answer, with one result that, quite frankly I hated. All of these places, all of these dreams, all of these loves, and lives that you have steered in a different direction, has utterly broken my heart. Yet you have also done something else. You have presented me these doors, with opportunities that I CAN HAVE. The only problem is that I am still so scared to want them.
So dear Universe, I will take the hint, I will walk through these doors you have opened for me, and although I am terrified, I will give it my all. But I will also warn you that I want to captain this ship now. Though you control the ocean, I am going to push as hard as I can to make what I want happen. I hope you're ready.

#dorkyswag I keep it real 🙏

Does your dog even lift tho?! #comeatmebro #superdog this stick was heavy AF

I love bugs. 🦋

I can't say I support the fur industry. At all. But I also think it is such a shame, and a waste to throw away fur and leather products; which because of the amazing vegan movement, are starting to make more and more of an appearance at second hand stores. But fur keeps you warm AF. If you want to wear fur, thrift shop it! Don't buy new. There is already so much out there, we dont need to keep killing for it. Recycle man.

My hair is finally fading out. Thank god.

8 years a flossin @robster.the.mobster

Felt pretty #badass that day.

9:30 am.. still can't sleep.. tea time !

This red was just so good!!!! ❤️