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Anisa Sarah Andriyari  Rara, self-proclaimed night-time poet.


A fascinating view, another addition to the #holyvacay series.

And to clarify, the one on the right is not me. I kinda wish it were though, maybe, sort of.

oh well no one's gonna read it anyway, so here we go:
whilst there's no doubt something facinating about stranger's back - well, for me anyway. it's kind of a toss which more fascinating, the view overlooking the town and buildings below or the backs of the two strangers (or are they a couple), or even both?

a quiet time and a peaceful place, or that time when i nearly freeze myself taking this shot.


I spy with my little eye warmth in the midst of the prickling cold.


frost, bone-numbing.

a heartbreaker sunrise.

This one is an #sooc by the way.
On another note, I need another #holyvacay please!

It's only been a week, but I'm craving for another short gateway (though a longer one is much preferred). Another one of #holyvacay please!

Yuk ikut Ekspedisi Alam (EKSAM) XI dari @pasatwafkmui!

Tujuan : Gn. Lawu (3.265 mdpl)
Tanggal : 19-22 Agustus 2017
Jalur : Cemoro Sewu
Biaya : Rp.615.000

Meeting Point:
Selain jabodetabek--> St. Purwosari (ketentuan lain berlaku)

Termasuk Fasilitas ++
1. Transport PP
2. Kaos EKSAM XI
3. Dokumentasi
4. Simaksi Lawu
5. Konsumsi (6 kali)
6. Penyediaan alat masak + flysheet + tenda
7. Olahraga Bersama
8. Wisata Solo

Periode pendaftaran:
5 - 29 Juli 2017

Registrasi serta info kegiatan dan pembayaran:

Transfer Pembayaran:
Rek. BNI 0448047609 a.n. Puji Lestari

CP Pendaftaran : Aurel (0813-5468-8061)
CP Acara : Kevin (0896-5220-0777)


And to the woods she said she'd go: where the quiet and peace stays

the pine cone track

A shot from a walk I forced myself into last week. Now if only I could muster up the same determination as before.

Latest @dosomething_id's campaign day out: #kitaIndonesia. 📷: not by me

Obat cape, tapi jadi tambah cape (cape ketawa maksudnya). It's always good to see you guys. Being around such positive people, albeit a bit crazy, sure is the best way to spend your time.

Here's to the success of our event on Sunday, March 19th! Amen.

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