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Andrita  Not Han Solo, not from Solo, but do everything solo

Where the terms Eros and Thanatos, the idea of democracy, and phillosophers come from. We live in a super developed society but not so different morally than centuries ago. I guess we never change, just grow, either to the right or wrong direction.

(3/3) #summer 40°C

leftover vids on my phone mmc. phone edit. song by vashti bunyan. #solotrip #solotravel #erasmus

(2/3) oh oh chéri! #summer 40°C

Tuğba Abla (1/3) #summer 40°C

Best location, best companion, best season #velvia100

Only gonna show this film at BaCAA5. More info: @ba_caa // Opening tonight!
#16mm #bolex

Gonna show a film at BaCAA 5 tonight but not this one.

Only gonna show this photo at BaCAA5. Once.

So long! farewell!
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye!

Thanks for the one in a million kinda friendship since 2008!!! Hike a mountain together and bury a time capsule again one day alrite?!?! But this time don't lose the box after we dig it up. And don't hit your car to a truck again. And don't do summit attack during thunderstorm and bad rainy weather ever again while taking your girlfriend with! Wherever you go, be safe man \m/

Surf thru the tidal wave of lyfe. Upzie downzie #agfavista200 #münchen

comfort of home #agfavista200 #homeiswhereveriamwithyou
shelter gives a sense of a sanctuary where we can seek protection and comfort. but the idea of home isn't merely a place, it could be a feeling when we feel like we belong. it can be anywhere. somehow the idea of migrating, moving to somewhere new, scares some people and also welcoming some strangers, can scare us too. a place isn't just a place, it's where our habits are formed into culture. it's a part of who we are.

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