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Andreya Nicole Ascoli🌟  21, 5'9 from QC 🇨🇦 Singer/Dancer/Rapper🎹🎬etc 👑SweNor.Princess (grgrgr grandfather king had affair) 10+ Nationalities SC: andreyafamous🔥

My dna results are in to all those who didn't believe me when I said I had over 10 I even have extras I didnt know about. My parents only had me together. My other half siblings don't have as many mixes as me. Feeling coolest chick alive😎👌
For the last damn time my half sister sent me the results she lives in nyc thats why it says Verizon it was a late birthday gift I wanted she got hers done way before me.

No Makeup Hair Back😇
They're right I don't need makeup😉

Singing Wild Thoughts🐆
@badgalriri 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A princess never stops searching for her empire👑.


I don't need glasses👓 because my eyesight👀 is better than 20/20...👌
But glasses are calling me🕶
I guess your imperfections👎 are my perfections🖒💋 Your beauty can light up a whole sky...shine brighter than the stars and the sun be bigger than the the world what you are😇!

I know i'm on your mind😜

Swipe Left To See All Off My Videos😍 Singing @enriqueiglesias @teddysphotos @beyonce @taylorswift @kygomusic @arianagrande etc. 😍
Life will teach us key essentials to prospire and grow to create a better future in the next generations to come.
Be a good person, life is nothing if your too stupid wasting it bashing everyone else.
Important to trust few, and be very honest.
Lies can ruin you and destroy your future if your caught. A face attracts me, because such creations beauty to the eye is rare just like a heart as beautiful as a rose or mind as simply perfect as a genius. Give your all and don't look back. You lead your own destiny, you lead an adventure far different from anyone else. Take the time to discover all your qualities and use them to your advantage. Be the person, everyone looks up to you and admires because you did good in this world. Take care of our Earth and society. Be the voice and not the echo! Take control. Dominate with your mind. Rule with your mindset visions. Structure society with peace. Support the good! Enlighten society ! Respect eachother. Grow together . Fascinate existence. Reach success. Fight for justice! Lead the people! Speak what others are afraid to. Show the world, you are different you will impact millions. Be cautious. Be right. Be on the lookout. Know your facts. Speak the truth. Follow in your own foot steps! Be a leader ! Don't reveal all your ideas. Credit yourself, for your wisedom. Envy none, but you.
Stay on your own path. Do you.
That's what matters!
-Andreya Nicole Ascoli 😘

1st picture: sunlight hits one eye🌟
2nd picture: baby face☺
Create your own trends in the world🌎
Show the world ...
What you have to offer!!!😄

@marilynmonroe inspired💄
Never let anyone try to change you because then you'll never be happy.🙄

New Haircut & New Style Today💯
Marilyn Monroe Style💋
Singing Green Light @lordemusic😘

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