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Andrew Wills  Life's rad✌🏼️Stay stoked🤙🏽 •Conqueror of the useless•

Primal🐺 filthy and lost somewhere in the Sierras. I wonder what Nalu was thinking while she was admiring this sick view🏔🌲 probably the same as what we were thinking at the moment

On top of the world🏔 cheesin super hard enjoying some sick views and drawing some fun lines🏂

First light🏔🌥

Beyond stoked to be able to wake up cozy to this incredible view🏔 with such a rad human on the search for the last of winter❄️🏂


Dog was so worked that she was passing out sitting up😴 totally doing some touch and goes haha at least she found this nice comfy rock pillow to chill on

Numb toes and a frosty nose❄️ when the howling wind stilled to a light breeze, the hammocks rocked gently to the songs of nesting birds and a soothing crackle of lake ice that was stretching from its long chilled slumber

Get lost so you can find yourself🌲

Putting one foot in front of the other🏔 our unplanned extension of the hike led us through such serene river crossings and secluded meadows. Vast wilderness was all we could see from our footprints to the distant hills tucked in by a blanket of trees all the way to the skyline riddled with snowcap peaks. For a minute, nothing else mattered.

I wonder what this tree has witnessed in its lifetime🍃

On a scale of one to hangin’ out, we’re hangin’ as hard as Nalu’s tongue😜 we were playing some pretty intense frisbee I guess haha

Taking in the reward🍯 for some reason standing on a peak looking out is so fulfilling. It puts life into perspective and shows how little we are, but at the same time it shows us what great of an impact we have on this earth. #bemindful We attempted to escape the heat, but it still found us.. even on top of this mountain🏔

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