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Who says you can't combine art and science?

I realise this is probably the third Instagram in a month of Freya making chicken. But when your kid takes over the weekly ritual, it's hard not to get a bit emosh

The many faces of Freya Sprinz

Found her like this earlier. My notebook repurposed as a recipe book, some peppers from the fridge, serious look of concentration on her face.

Pussycat vs Spider (apparently more fun than daddy's boring entomology lesson)

You may wish to unfollow now as there's going to be a lot more of this.
Cooking is such a special activity with a child; today we got to discuss anatomy, as she helped spatchcock the chicken, and respect for the animals you eat. ... you also get to eat the food I guess, but that's hardly the point.

Cooking with the kid days are the best days. She's never going to get bored of it, right?!

"Daddy why are you so slow?"

Ballet. Intensity.

Her incredulous look says it all about my attempt at a hipster photo shoot.

Spring. Sun. Cooking. Happy place.

Told her to put on her gardening clothes. Who am I to argue?

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