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Andrew Michael Golden  Editor@Pure Imagination Studios✨💡✨ ♠️Magician ❤️Director ♣️ Editor ♦️Computer Graphic Artist 🚀🌝

🥖THE AMAZING CHANGING BREAD TRICK🥖 This is my first magic trick for YouTube I made back in 2014, didn't get to post it in it's entirety because back then videos were only allowed to be 15 secs long, so here it is! 🤓👍🏻✨

Here is an Animatic I directed and edited. This was a collaboration with DreamWorks storyboard artist, Jeremy Bernstein. You can check out his work on his website below. Hope you guys enjoy! ✨☂️✨ @jeremybernstein


Just finished "Mufasa in Real Life", this piece was a week in the making, had a lot of fun working on it. This is part of my series "Disney Characters in Real Life". You can check out the full widescreen hd image on my tumblr gallery or website. ☁️ 🦁👑☁️

This is “Star Wars in Real Life” from my ongoing series “Disney Characters in Real Life”. This is a photoshop remix I made by compositing in the AT-AT Walker and Rouge One Stormtrooper into a scene created by sci-fi artist Simon Stalenhag. He makes paintings mostly set with a dark and gritty dystopian tone, featuring post future landscapes and characters filled with some creepy, but awesome looking robots.
You can check out his work here:

Lauren as a future X-Men character, Aerial✨
This is a photoshop remix I created working with a painting done by sci-fi fantasy artist, Tong Zhuo. His original painting was of a Dragon Ball-Z character named No.18.
Check out his work here:

For all you Super Mario Bros. fans who know who/what this is Bullet Bill in Real Life, from my series "Nintendo Characters in Real Life". 🤓👍🏻☁️🍄🍄☁️

My cats Jiji and Lily canoodling. 🖤❤️


I designed this car and retro futuristic ad in photoshop. I wanted to bring the era of 1950′s American culture into the future by creating a concept car that will appeal to not just classic car enthusiasts, but anyone who gets the feels when thinking about milkshakes, jukebox’s, diners, sock hops, and drive-in movie theaters. Hope you guys enjoy the look, and maybe one day you'll be able to pick one up at your local Buick dealer. 😉✨

Old Photoshop peice I did back in 2012, part of "Studio Ghibli Characters in Real Life". This is the Robot from "Castle in the Sky"☁️🤖☁️

Robot from Studio Ghibli's "Castle in the Sky". ☁️🕌☁️

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