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Andrew Lis  one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you: you still have chaos in you.

A #tbt to this month, just some #random pics of
1. #sparkly #Iceballs against a #black table - #geometry bitches!
2. The #taxi that comes with #funk - #noextracharge. #yellow #sign
3. #buttplug #dispenser in the #publicrestroom -- I wanted to pick up a few as #souvenirs but only had a €10 note and it was #coinop. "Guten Tag, mein Herr, haben sie coins fur the ... uh... German word for BUTT PLUG ... machine?" Plus, imagine that in your suitcase at customs..... sorry @kensoking, you'll have to continue to get high on your own supply.
#nofilter #germany #throwback (like, 2.5 weeks... it's a weak throw).

Happy Birthday, @stish48. As I said elsewhere, I hope your whole year is a mindblowing 69.
Here's an #awkwardfamilyphoto from #chicago at the top of #bigjohn -- I don't know if either of us thought we'd still be alive now (it's from last winter). Wish we could be there with you, mom, as you chain smoke and I complain about it until you awkwardly throw your cigarette away, muttering how you're quitting before starting a new one mere seconds later, completely unaware of why that is funny. I'd say blow out the candles and make a wish, but your oxygen can may get too close to the open flame.... Just kidding! I know you never use those oxygen cans, they just collect dust.
Love you, mom. Sincere wishes it was the happiest of birthdays. Come visit sometime!! We will take you somewhere they have cake! 📸by @jennmom30 -- sorry @victorialynn88, I cropped you out. Make your own 🎂wish!

#scenes from #Friday
1. #usps van blocked in by texting bicyclist in a pretty dress; the driver had to wait for her a long time before he could pull out. #seenfromabove
2. Mina the #kitten teenager stares out the kitchen window in the midday light
3. #thedescendents #idontwanttobestereotyped
5. #descendents #vinyl from #brooklyn - I know everyone loves Milo, but for my money #billstevenson songs are the best

5. #cars #sidestreet #noedits #williamsburg #brooklyb
6. Mina #stares and is #cute
7. #strangersinthenight. I feel they should put this in singles events for people who just leave and go home alone.

#random #art from around the house.
1. Thanks #jcrew for sending your catalogs. We usually use them in this fashion and it's always a good time. PS, #america elected a #president who likes being peed on in Russian hotel rooms but is so stupid he didn't realize he was being recorded.
2. I do NOT lick birds
3. #vain #mermaid awaits her turn on the runway for #nyfw (she has no legs)
4. Old school - #portrait of the author from when Josie was just a li'l un
5. Recent #tattoo - who doesn't like greeting themselves? #hello
6. @hey_humanoids is Josie's new comic & storytelling account. Don't sleep on burgeoning greatness. Just sleep on #kittens

#nofilter #nyc #villagekids are the best. Today is a good day.

#911memorial #lights from #greenwichvillage looking south down #6thavenue #manhattan between #redlights
16 years ago, on a perfect late #summer morning, everything changed for #America and the world. We'll never forget the families torn apart and the first responders who exhibited unparalleled heroism. The smell. The dust. The years of construction. The TSA. 1.5 decades of neverending war. The lies we were told. The victims in foreign nations that never attacked the USA. The tortured.
We came together and did not let anyone beat us. #neverforget #nofilter #newyork #nyc #tonight

#Frauenkirche - a painstakingly restored #protestantchurch in #neumarkt - the city center of #Dresden from last week.
With fire, flood, earthquakes and hurricanes throughout our hemisphere, it seemed appropriate to throw up #monuments to a God in whose name we've oppressed, polluted, stolen and exploited our natural world, changing the world for the worse.

While #epic we must stop believing in bearded fictions and believe in the world around us by putting #faith in science & ingenuity. Let's put our effort into honoring our life-giving earth and her precious natural resources rather than believing it's all here for us. For those who doubted the veracity of climate change, look at the superstorms that were long predicted and now arrive due warmer waters. Look at our vulnerable communities and how we've ignored the poor for decades while spending millions on temples to fictional divinities. We are god. Earth is god. Let's be godlings and save our world.
1. Exterior #baroque #architecture - it took decades to restore after the allied firebombing that closed the war in #europe
2. #organ #vaultedceiling real Golden Arches (no fast food)
3. Inner dome featuring the evangelists, #MatthewMarkLukeandJohn, and allegories of Christian virtues: belief, #love, #hope and #mercy
4. #altar reconstructed from over 2000 shattered pieces and still around 80% the original from the 1700s. Sculpted by Johann Christian Feige, it depicts a #biblical scene: #Christ praying in the Garden with his disciples asleep as soldiers approach to arrest him, with a merciful god looking down.
5. #choir area - sing for your supper!
6. #papasmurf needs some saving
7. Karaoke god? @lordhamlet73 - is that a mic?
8. OGs (original gods) chilling outside the town square and bathed in #blue
9. What we've found the money to build for #faith. Real charity lifts each other up; we need that now more than a #skyline of #steeples
10. Will the curtains fall on this last century of human consumption? Is there a more #minimal way? #silhouette #twilight #nofilter on these (Sorry so long. Thoughts and prayers for those in harm's way)

Josie is pumped and ready for #firstdayofschool (tomorrow). As the weather turned cooler, she's been getting set for 8th grade by #killingit recently with her #ootd sensibilities. #Wootwoot

I just love my kiddo, and am so proud. As she enters her final year of middle school, I struggle to fall back through the time machine and see her as a baby. It seems whole years slip away. (Does anyone else get this? Am I the only one?) I know nothing else matters to me as much as the little time we get to share. But how do we imprint time and new feelings? Will we just look back and they're there? Will we recall automatically the special #moments like tonight when the little kitten farted continuously for 5-10 solid seconds straight when we picked her up ... will we #remember? I hope so. It was really frickin funny. Josie just held Mina's butt out towards me like the kitten was a carton of sour milk she wanted someone else to smell to prove it was that bad. It was that bad, I believe you. 🤣🕯 #nofilter #gassykitten #midsizedhumangirl #apartmentdecor on #clutter

A brief #walkingtour around #Dresden #Germany from this past week. Second time in this beautiful #baroque #masterpiece. The capital of #saxony on the #riverelbe was firebombed mercilessly in the closing days of the war in #Europe, but it was NOT a military target. Rather, the Allies bombed the hell out of the city as punishment for German atrocities, but also used incendiaries to raise the air temperature to mimic the effects of a nuclear bomb. This saturation bombing devastated this 17th century arts center and created a firestorm that literally sucked people down the street as the oxygen rushed to feed the burning atmosphere. Had anyone else acted in this fashion, they would have been charged with war crimes. But we won, and so we instead began to study the statistical benefits of air war, leading us to McNamara's war in Vietnam a few decades later. Meanwhile, Dresden was rebuilt brick by brick, painstakingly restored to its grandeur. Here are some photos:
1. The ride into the city center gives a hint of what's to come
2. #selfie
3. #heraldAngels
4. #brühlscheterrasse with river views. On the buildings are enshrined artists from Michaelangelo to Durer, which is a great reminder of the heroes we should put on plaques
5. #Hausmannsturm
6. View from #neustadter by footbridge across the #Elbe
7. #yenidze cigarette factory
8. Man tossing cigarette while #Saxon warrior watches and says, "wirklich?"
9. Zoom in - it's worth it! #katholischehofkirche - ridiculously beautiful
10. #bananarama playing in my hotel as I walked in from the bar. Thanks, evening turndown for leaving on the TV. #random
Charming, the #altstadt is gorgeously reconstructed. Also, read #slaughterhousefive - and take time to research the city beyond Vonnegut. It's kind of fascinating. And it's beautiful, just like the German people who confront their shameful history of racism and have worked to repent and redeem; their restoration of the city is a metaphor for lessons of tolerance that similarly rose from the ashes of a dark past.
#nofilter on these; #iphoneonly - the city is just that perfect

#Prague #Bazilikasv.Jakuba
1. The #quaint #windingstreets of #Praha are charming even as they remind us how nice it is to be in the grid pattern of America, which was extolled by Ben Franklin after visiting Europe. Dude was a genius, thinking about mail delivery, traffic and scalability. This is #nofilter at the tail end of #goldenhour
2. #baroque #Reliefs on the #basilica of #stjames. This is one of three and maybe the best.
3. #beautifuldoors - and inside, there's a mummified arm from a 400-yr old thief who tried to steal from mary, only to have his hand chopped off by monks, and the tomb of Count Vratislav of Mitrovice, who was buried alive.
4. Dating from the #13thcentury these massive #sculptures on the #facade are incredible. Across the street is just a few restaurants. Weird juxtaposition
5. Same image, closer. What's up with adult, grownass avenging #Angels begging to all these #creepybaby angels? #cowboyup
6. Third relief. I love the use of #brass to accent the figures, and the detail work is not done justice by photos.
7. I love what seems to be a lady Angel #inrepose but what is up with all the #orgiastic #cherubs that surround her?! How did that convo go? "We need more cherubs! Sexy cherubs, maybe making out around the normal angels and #saints -- I want a #statue!" #dafuq
8. Just more #insane #statues, this one from the #charlesbridge, featuring a scimitar a buck, a dog, a cage and some warlike apostle dudes.

#worship is #surreal

I'll post some pics of Dresden later this weekend.

#drink too much in #prague and everything looks like #Kafka ... Or #mucha ... or #vforvendetta
1. #absintheinflames yes, #itsonfire
2. #kafka - overheard: "is that little man riding a #vagina in a suit?" #dentaldam
3. Can you make a drink that tastes like #fireandfury? #anonymousbar
4. Those are grapes
5. That was delicious #hemingwaybar
6. #absintherie - try the 35 or get the local stuff that has a dead beetle inside
7. Or get an #absinthemule
8. Alluvasudden, everything is #streetart
9. #mucha in relief - loved all the #alphonsemucha around Prague. I showed his work to Josie and she said, "that would take a long time." 😐
10. #dranks ... hard to say it's #forthemasses when it's a pretentious upscale #cocktailbar but the bartenders did know the comic, at least.

If you do find yourself in Prague with a need for a drink, I'd definitely pick the Absintherie over any other. If they had any air circulation whatsoever, I would have died there.
#nofilter #idrankitall by last count, between my colleagues and myself, we had 75 drinks in 16 hours, between 4pm and 8am the next day. #workwaslit

The walk from #oldtownsquareprague to #CharlesBridge and on to Prague #Castle and back.
1. #noedits #nofilter
2. #crazyface
3. Boys by the #watersedge at #sunset-- the simple joys of a slower city. Oh, and those rocky, uneven streets are gorgeous, but slippery
4. Castle in the distance, across the #river as #seagulls swarm at #dusk - no filter, #naturallight
5. Looking back on old town from Charles Bridge, the bridge lined by saints, with the old king at the entrance, kind of implying the #divinerightofkings, which I remember was always a tricky subject for catholic school since it praised order, but had to straddle a line between papal supremacy and a shared interest in the continued suppression of the masses and a complicity in enforcing unjust rule for centuries
6. The #bridgetower and the #king
7. #sailors peddling boat rides in impeccable #uniforms
8. #jesusandmary have #cobwebs on their faces, because religion is boring
9. Statue on the entrance to Prague castle, kind of says it all
10. The #cityatnight from the steps before the castle.
#nofilter on any of these. #pragueisbeautiful even though the downtown feels unreal, like a Disney city. I'll post more. So many more.... 😬
What an amazing world we live in, to think all this survived communism and to think this was my week as friends and colleagues have fought for their lives in storm-ravaged Houston. As I begin to work on cleanup and remediation efforts with coworkers, this all serves as a reminder to appreciate what we have. And a reminder to give back what you can, for there are so many who would give everything for just a chance at a little bit more of what we all take for granted.

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