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Andrew Lis  one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you: you still have chaos in you.

What a strange few days.... a few nights ago, I looked up at this tiny slice of #moon and thought about the wolf Fenris devouring all but the last bites, and wondered if ragnarok wasn’t an apocalypse but a rebirth, or, better yet, the end of the old ways and the gateway to an age of reason, ruled by enlightened thinkers, dreamers, scientists, philosophers.
2) then it snowed (seemingly in #slowmotion), with thick heavy flakes, like the sky gods needed to give us something, a reminder. Of what? I dunno.
3) maybe that #chinesetakeout never sleeps?
4) and now it’s spring time: 66f in mid February. The world is upside down.
5) oh, hey mom, I was dusting off this #vintagephoto and took this #pictureofapicture of you, because I’m thinking about you and we love you.
I keep throwing it back in my mind to Halloween, and thinking how lucky I was to bring my daughter home. How eight people died that day, and even our shithead president commented, calling it terror, because that man had brown skin when he crashed into the walls outside her school. 17 died last week at the hands of a young man with a red hat and pale skin, who bought 7 guns legally, and then went to McDonald’s after blending right back into the general population and walking past police. That wasn’t a terror attack @realdonaldtrump? He hasn’t said so, for he has 30,000,000 reasons to say nothing.

What have we done?
I just miss my friends, my kid, my family and I want to hold them all close and tell them I love them, that we’ll be ok. I want to walk under the hanging moon slivers and believe when the wolf takes a last bite and the old ways are gone, a better tomorrow will Dawn. Then, from our work, our kids won’t be slaughtered, our politicians will be humble, our corporations will not be immune from consequence. We’ll emerge as one World, one nation, one community, one responsible family, respectful of each other and of life. It all seems jumbled, but I’m hoping that from strange days, we will emerge united. It sometimes seems as likely as a 66f day in February...
#nofilter #nyc #newyork #greenwichvillage

1. “If you love life, don’t waste time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” #quote from #benjaminfranklin — he probably hastagged it, too. Hipster Ben... these are #vintage #stopwatches my mom saved for me; they once belonged to my grandfather, along with some #stoptalking business cards (i’m #wordy). 2. #streetart #modelmayhem #stephanieseymour who was the OG #sexiestwoman of the 90s.
3. #deadego and skeletons with wings, next to some red brick in the #Westvillage, #nyc
4. #greenwichvillage from a sixth floor apt overlooking Greenwich house pottery. Reminded me of Montmartre, and made me wish I wasn’t in nyc. #rainraingoaway
5. What’s Taba the #cat so interested in?
6. Josie the human eating pizza nearby. 🤣 he doesn’t want the pizza so much as to lay favorably beneath the gaze of his god. #lifegoals
7-8. #happeningnow - the fading gray of a rain soaked Sunday bathes the #pussywillow buds in #silvery light.
I’m reading a book on the religions of Northern Europe and the way tribes of our ancestors organized their world, to explain how it all consolidated to (corrupt, stolen) monotheistic belief systems. Did you know the Irish “heathens” once told a proselytizing king they’d convert if their Jesus could beat #Thor in a hand to hand fair fight? The religious freedom we once cherished — now brandished as a weapon of discrimination — springs from bizarre origins. The Christians who converted the heathen tribes of the north took great pains to smash their idols and burn their lands, killing and destroying opposition. The great movement towards tolerance in the 20th century is strange bedfellows with imperial origins. Throughout history, those who disagree with judeo-Christian principles and concepts are ostracized, made villains, disregarded, & killed. Holy wars in the name of organized religion are nothing new. We must grow beyond this outdated thinking and this belief in false god primacy. Or at least tell better stories. From my POV, I strongly prefer the myth of a charioteer rumbling across the sky, touching oaks in the forest with lightning to guide those who toil honorably against a nature we must respect. #thorrocks #nofilter

#latergram from last Friday’s #nycballet #artseries featuring a crazy and amazing #balloon installation by LA artist #Geronimo, #JihanZencirli.
The balloons can’t help but make you appreciate the old school glamour of #lincolncenter and we celebrated with #champagne to go with the #bubbles in the atrium (and by noshing on a turkey sandwich, pics 3-4). As we were running late, Josie did a life drawing of me rushing her out the door (5) to commemorate the evening. She knocked this out in about 30 seconds on the subway platform. The stuff memories are made of. 😤

Pic 7 is one of my faves, as it’s Jos in #silhouette as she walks ahead along the curved walls, with the bright lights casting green shadows on the hall, making everything seem supernatural. After, they gave out #kaleidoscope glasses, so the boys bump into walls making passes. #metoo

At the end, you’ll see one of the things I love about our decrepit #nyc #MTA — the random artistic touches, like this #tile relief of a #dancingwoman. The stop with the natural history museum or the brooklyn museum are festooned with similar touches. Throughout the network, there are additions, like the brass sculptures that haunt a few stations, like those all along 14th st.
The subway is underfunded and the repairs never end and aren’t often done right, but little moments like this, and like the arts series they run for a few shows each season, remind us why we live in #thegreatestcityintheworld as they said in hamilton.
#nofilter #red #blue #gold #green #davidhkochtheater

My #tbt on #objects #compartments and #compartmentalization and the things we do to make sense & self soothe, and what is healthy. And, does it matter? As adults, the noise of life is so loud we can’t function if we don’t block out the world, so we take comfort in objects, things. As a man, we’re rewarded for this, lauded for our ability to focus on the task at hand; a lady, less so, unless it’s in the sort of societally approved feminine pursuits. There’s a strange narrative about society being comprised of wildly emotional beings who are punished for showing emotions. Why? Could we have less if we could hug more? Amazing strides are made working alone on a vision, yes, but must we strive in loneliness? The mind is the prison and the jailor.
With no answers, here’s a bunch of #littlethings with assigned meanings:

1) #vintage #mexicanskeleton, for scale next to grandpop’s engraved #zippo (need to get it fixed)
2) it hides the #babyteeth of @josephinelis
3) #keyholecutie next to #orlakiely containers. Kind of on the nose... in front of the wall I know they’ll make me repaint when we leave. #theme
4) #jonahandthewhale - a #carved #spermwhale with a tiny dude inside. It was bought by an ex GF for a boy she dated before we got serious, but she gave it to me because he was no good. She, it turns out, was bad to him (and me). Yet, it’s mine. I love it, but it needs an exorcism.
5) reminder: don’t swim too close to whales
6) collapsible, portable theater #binoculars (spy glasses). From my grandma, in front of my French overnight bag on the pine bookshelf Josie and I made by hand. They work!
7) #comfort - #fluffy pillows, furry blanket, cotton, pussywillows... because we deserve to be held and hugged in Winter and I love this corner.
8) #boxinggloves we painted with #skulls over a 70s red chompy Avon bank my mom. I’ve had it 40 years.
9) my dad’s safe. In it, a weird mix of 80s movie stubs, action figures, buttons, first credit cards, #esoterica. It was a big deal when he gave me this, as his dad gave it to him.
10) #cat in #sink before he gives himself a #bath. A cat knows about #self-soothing & #selfcare (selfish)

My #throwbackthursday

#goodmorning - on a week where I just feel burnt out, some@reasons to feel good:
1) the #golden #glow of the dawning sun as it bounces on the #treebranches outside my window. #myview

2) #Today the #sky over #nyc is clear and the sun shines as tufts of steamheat waft into the #bluesky so there’s a chance to get a little vitamin d

3) I’m almost not dumb looking when I’m standing in front of a #vintage mirror (old stuff makes everything better!) 4) Josie’s cat, taba, only lets her near him. And knowing how cautious he is, it’s fun to watch him roll around and let loose when she scratches his belly.

5) usually, he makes #thisface which is, “why are you looking at me?! DON’T LOOK AT ME!” Then runs away. Speaking of old stuff, those are some of my grandpa’s old cameras. Anyone want to help me figure out how to work them?

I spend a lot of time prognosticating and calling for progressive reform and action and whatever you call this. In response to someone who recently said, “you should smile more,” there’s this. #nofilter #newyork #greenwichvillage

#rainyday in #greenwichvillage #newyorkcity #nofilter #noedits just a quick pic of the #freedomtower from sixth avenue, seen behind fire escapes and street lamps as it juts like a candle from the sheetcake of lower #manhattan.
It seems there’s a new tariff on solar panels from China and now there’s justifiable hand wringing about trade wars and winners & losers. There are all-sides losers in globalization and there are definite winners, but the victor’s circle is familiar: billionaires exploit wage slaves, lax regulations and complicit politicians to get richer. There were 2000 new billionaires in 2017, while the bottom 50% of the world’s wage earners saw NO INCREASE in wealth. Oligarchs win. They always win. Power is the opposite of chocolate which melts and is delicious as it sinks - it rises to the top like boiled milk fat, separating and ruining everything. Even looking downtown, you see evidence how big business wins, with their erect penis designs sword fighting the skyline, with human capital just happy for a chance to ride the elevator shaft.
The scriptures lie: the last will never be first, the first will never be last. If you believe you can feed a system where you lose consistently in life only to be rewarded in a kingdom of god, you’re a fool. Those who died brave deaths on battle fields and got to Valhalla were remembered by warlords who fought beside them. Our kings fight no wars, your children do. The kings just get richer. Speaking of which, Paul Ryan received a 500,000 donation from the Koch brothers after passing the tax cut bill. Coincidence? We have to take the power back. Overturn citizens united and return #powertothepeople
Oh, and for something cheerier, I had Josie help me with work. She spent her down time #doodling. Now I can’t throw out these old emails — they’re #toocute. Yay.

Awake before #sunrise today on a busy #fbf.
1) This shot from #Nepal with the #sun burning morning fog and mist away as it peaked over the #Himalayas. #leica photo - the camera froze a few minutes later.
2) thinking of #flowers and the #delicate intimacy between humans, showing respect for #nature and seeing the #naturalbeauty of our world With fresh eyes.
3) and then #thisguy - it’s the 1-yr anniversary of saying #fucktrump and waking up each day to check Twitter to see how government will seek to form a more perfect oligarchy
4) it makes #hulk mad, as mad as having one of his eyes go goofy
5) it feels like this, with no relief
6) or it makes us crave a hiding place. It’s ok to #curlupwithagoodbook and chill. Self care in times of crisis is important. Just remember what you stand for and don’t ignore the truth or believe the improper propaganda
7) hold on to that #patchofbluesky that is alluded to at the end of #Camus’s #stranger - hold on to hope, but not misguided hope, but in belief that hard work and principles and standing up not kneeling down will change the world
8) seek the truth (and #fuckajitpai)
9) no matter #howdarkthenight, we must remember that the price is eternal vigilance. What seems overwhelming today is tomorrow’s result.
10) we’re in this together. Only with #respect and #dignity do we achieve peace and harmony. I have posted this #elderlywoman before but I love her face and her aura. I want to feel her contentment someday. Let’s get there together by doing our part today to make every tomorrow better.
#nofilter #nyc #reflections

#feels from the first weeks of 2018
1) #majestic #grandiose a choir of angels, or the goat path of the Thunder god.
2) #sunken
3) #usedtobe NY Water Taxi. #oops
4)Josie’s #LifeAquatic with Steve Zissou cap. Is there life on mars?
5) business cards? Or #goodadvice
6) someone tell billy Zane. Or, turn down the radiator. I hate waking up to radiator heat. I’d rather sleep in the cold. At least I don’t feel like a dried out husk, or over baked fish
7) Josie’s school folder: “here friends, view with pity, this bundle of failures, or, in other words, #mylife.” We’re our own worst enemies, aren’t we?
8) #wheelsup last week needed my grampa’s #vintage sparkly blue #crashhelmet
9) #washingtonsquarepark #afterdark #foolishmortal
10) I sent this to @kensoking who didn’t laugh at all, when I said, “In the #waronchristmas, looks like someone got themselves captured.” 🥁 (really? Not a chuckle?)
#nofilter #nyc #newyork I love you but you sure make me feel inconsequential. I think I’m gonna unfollow me if I don’t cheer myself up. 🤣

1) #Blue #mood - #frost and a #succulent, and I hope the plant wins
2) #ice
3) #greenwichvillage
4) #brick #minimal
5) Last of the #holidayseason - I don’t feel very joyous
6) maybe more like this. The #driedhusk of vines coated in ice and #snow as they hang lifeless from a building whose sign reads, “no floor, caution when entering”
7) faster. #emptystreets this week
8-9) #courtyards and #church #steeples remind me of my childhood. There were bats in those belfries, and probably still are
10) the #empirestatebuilding still visible down 5th ave #manhattan from Thursday’s #bombcyclone (which was just a snowstorm)

#walkingthestreets and huddling inside. It all feels the same: cold and empty. Anyone else? Is it just me?

Some images from the first day of 2018.
1) #happynewyear
2) #likefatherlikedaughter
3) #champagne (ok, this is from 2017)
4) the end of the first day of the new year. It’s 9f, so it’s a good time to #walktothewater
5) #pilings like a Will Eisner drawing. I always love urban decay.
6) #freedomtower as it catches the dying sun. I don’t know why I’m filled with hope looking at this building.
7) #statueofliberty and #ellisisland bathed in #red as a plane shines in the sky after takeoff from Newark airport in the distance
8) three icons if you zoom: freedom tower, Verrazano Bridge, Statue Of Liberty, and, I guess Staten Island bears a mention. Our icons will not save us. People are the magic. We must act to preserve the society that built these monuments.
9) #teamo someone started 2018 professing #love in the #snow. It’s so cold, that message may stick around a while. I hope it lasts. Good luck to them, to you, and to all of us.
If you get a chance, look at the moon tonight. My phone froze faster than fingers and toes, so dress warm. But it’s beautiful on this first night of the year where everything changes.

#nofilter #nyc #newyork #hudsonriver #greenwichvillage #sunset #twilight

1) 2017 is #toast - a little dark around the edges, but I ate brioche like a good peasant.
2) now we start the #countdown to #Armageddon (thanks jos, for the homemade candle!). And for those skeptics out there, the doomsday clock (real thing) is the closest to nuclear Armageddon it’s been since 1950, in part because of our dotard and his failing cognition with his finger on the 🖲
3) to celebrate the #newyear and commemorate what’s come before, I decided to capitalize on all your excitement and take a #holidayselfie
4) nope, #notaduckface
5) #isthisthingon
6) #nailedit
7) 🆙 (love my lesbian mermaids by Faile)
8) #goodbye2017 #feels #suckatselfies #lolz ❌⭕️❌⭕️ I don’t truly love many people, but I bet you’re one of them if you’re still reading. Happy New Year one and all. Peace on urf, if we want it! 🥂🍾

1. #slomo #snow in the #westvillage #nyc
2. a closeup of #pussywillow buds
3. #whiskey: How I’ll spend the rest of today while doing yr end accounting
4. #butfirstletmetakeaselfie
5. #foundmoney - literally, Indian killer Andrew Jackson was lying on the ground. #thanks2017 now get the hell out of here
6. #josie does #improv as a #brooklynhipster with her new haircut
7. #elephantsofinstagram
8-9. #swishswishbish as someone enjoys shorter, straighter hair. Thanks @salonmusanyc - you guys rock, as always!
10. Josie’s “before” haircut selfie jayslashkay, #fauxfur only

#nofilter #newyork
I’m grateful for things in 2017, but won’t blab on. I will join you all in the hopes that as this year fades to history, 2018 changes the path of history in positive ways. Perhaps we’ll find a way to smash the oligarchs, and level this uneven playing field. If all people are equal in America, then all should be taxed equally and corporations should go back to business entities required to serve the public and not make policy. There’s lots of work to be done. But first, a glass to #hope, then another for #change, and one more for better days, a last for freedom, then pass out face down in a puddle of despair before we rise up to confront fate, hangover be damned.

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