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Andrew Knapp  be here now / pre-order our kids book! 👇

I took a year’s worth of photos of Momo’s face to hypnotize you into buying our books. Stare into his eyes, wait for it, and fall in love with his perfect soul. The entire universe is in there. He’s flawless. And so are you. You will now pre-order our very latest kid’s book coming next month.
👉 Check out the link in my profile or google “Let’s find Momo”!
🎶 Music by my buddy @spencerjose

Momo, Mellow, and myself are all enjoying our first time in Baja California. Yesterday we had two breakdowns, met a lot of locals because of it, learned more Spanish than I thought I could in a day (Cambié mis bujías), and ended up at the dog-friendliest and most unique place I could imagine. I’m working with @bookingcom to show you a couple of lovely spots you can enjoy on the Baja peninsula (check that “Pets Allowed” box!).
That structure on the left is one of the rooms, and they’re scattered throughout the hills (they’re bigger than they look), and the views are phenomenal. If you’re driving through the Guadalupe Valley, be sure to stop in and try the amazing locally-sourced food, or stay a night or two. #FirstTimeTravel #BookingLoves #MomoAtAnInfinityPool

Hola Mexico! Puedo nosotros acampar aqui?

The past 24 hours have been a slice. Lemme fill you in. We drove out of a sweaty Palm Springs - a retiree and tourist mecca ripe with gentrification - and made it to Slab City to visit Salvation Mountain right after the sun set. A local told us that an open mic was about to start at a place called The Range.
The Range musicians are hit-or-miss, but Builder Bill slammed his guitar and huffed and groaned into the open desert air. Bill built the place 14 years ago and also plays himself in the film Into the Wild. Momo ran free with the dogs there, they all seemed pretty friendly. And the folks there, they had good stories and conspiracy theories you can listen to for a bit and then get confused when one of them tells you his wife stole his finger for $1000, he showed me his 3 fingered hand to prove it.
We head out in the morning to the Anza-Borrego super bloom that everyone was talking about and I sort of wanted to get away from Slab City where we stayed for the night.
The desert recently got a lot of rain and the flowers are supposed growing wild. The colours are beautiful. But you had to stop to get close to appreciate them. It wasn’t a field of flowers that you can simply snap and share (though apparently there is one a bit further out), you had to get out and walk around and look real close to the blooming flowers on the cacti, ocotillo (the long green stems with red tips), and tons of tiny little colorful flowers.
Flowers are pretty in groups, blooming for no-one, performing for no-one. People in groups, they’re there for each other. If they invite you in, it’s often a good idea to say yes.

Find Momo at a house made of mirrors.

I love cities. I also love the incredibly diverse charm of uninhabited landscapes. One is not superior to the other. I can spend a lot of time in a busy city, the incredible creative energy beating its own heart and charging mine. Send me to the desert, and I’ll recharge in different ways. The calmness of nature is something that my often overloaded personality can benefit from.

Can't get this happy little moment out of my head. This perfect little side of the road pull off was complete with the sound of frogs, coyotes, and white owls silently floating above our heads. Pro tip: pick up trash wherever you go, leave it better than you found it. The image of this dog and this van will forever be implanted into my memory. #shotoniphone7

Shooting this last night, I realized that I owe just about every technical bit of knowledge I have about nighttime photography to my buddy Zach (@zachdriftwood) who tirelessly talks about it when we travel and does it better than I ever could.

Dogs can make our lives better if we let em. Has your dog changed yours? Can you tell me how? Change is constant, and a lot of it is our choice, but it never fails to bring me some joy to hear when a dog has changed a man's life, or the other way around. Here's a couple of good souls that are living proof of this. Today I got a glimpse into the good full lives @mo and @prestopups share. A mutual therapy that most dog owners are familiar with.

It's amazing how tiny we felt driving through the redwoods on the Avenue of the Giants.

Dogs in the moonlight. Far away my well-lit door. 🌚

Find Momo at Damnation Creek Trail.

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