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(Tintype photo by my talented friend

The folks at the new show @DownwardDog_ABC asked me how Momo is like my roommate. So I figured I’d share what some of our drives look like. I get in, Momo stares at me, and eventually I’ve gotta find a park for him to run in or else his eyes make me melt. Even though I get us to where we’re going, he gets me to where I need to be. That’s what a good roommate should look like. As a roommate, what’s the best thing your pet does for you?
If I’m gonna post an ad about a show, it better have a dog in it, so if you’re like me and you wanna watch this one, you oughta tune in on ABC tonight at 8pm PST. #DownwardDog
Song by Spencer Jose 🎶

Find Momo with this amazing thing.

There have been many dogs on this van. This one is called Zooey.

Summer's here. I'm here too.

My watchdog. 🐺

Find Momo at Seven Magic Mountains.

Just found out two of my books are being translated to Vietnamese! How cool is that? The first book is now available in 8 (maybe 9?) languages!

A few years ago, I lost my mom. I think of her often. For some reason, I think of her when I’m alone looking up at the night sky. I miss her compassion, her energy, her love. Since she’s gone, however, given to me was a realization that though she’s gone, her love is not. But if you’d have told me that a few years ago, I would have said “yeah, yeah, that sounds like a nice sentiment” and continued to sit with my confusion of how to receive this love that is apparently still there.

For me, this has been one of my most profound realizations. What I miss most about having my mom to talk to is her nurturing tone – that voice and energy that supports the idea that everything is ok. That no matter what, I am loved. She is a pillar who listens, she is a shoulder to cry on, she is the arms to wrap around me, no matter how frail, that will set my spine upright and melt me all at once.

My realization was this: my mother is every friend, every woman, every feminine spirit whom I know is there in my times of need and desperation. She is a pillar who listens, she is a shoulder to cry on, she is the arms to wrap around me.

On this Mother’s Day (and every day), I hold dear to my thoughts the women who nurture, the women who give us everything we have. My mother, who allows me to look up at the night sky and feel safe, feel loved, and feel the strength to return that love.

Working on the van with Jon, a VW pro, he let me rip around in his '68 DOCA (double cab). At least now I know where to come for a full rebuild.

Happy Invent-Your-Own National Holiday Day!

Ok that's not a real holiday but if it were I'd celebrate Be More Like Your Dog Day or maybe Understand Your Political Opposite Day or even Be Woke Day. What's your holiday? #inventyourownholiday #shotoniphone

Find Momo at the @filament_lab office.

Hint: when Filament made the website, we had to FaceTime a lot. This photo was a careful collaboration between Momo 🐶, Matt at Filament 📸, and myself!

Picked 'em up on the side of the road cause they had nice dogs. Turns out they were nice people too. 👍

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