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Andrew Knapp  be now here Find Momo Across Europe available for preorder Find Momo Coast to Coast 2019 calendar out now

I found a memory card in my van and this photo was on it... Momo, in the back of @colorado_jon’s #vwdoublecab 😍

Honestly, Mellow is one of the reasons I came back from Europe so soon. I’ve been neglecting her and neglect is a good way to make work for yourself. Two days of cleaning her out and now it’s time to take care of the rust, the canvas, and all that little stuff that makes this van a cozy beauty. Hopefully I’ll have it ready in time to tour our book in February!

#Ad I’m a #GeekForDogs, and Momo is a #GeekForTreats. I’m happy to announce my partnership with @LGCanada to geek out with the #LGG7ThinQ so I can focus on what I love most: dogs. Shot using the G7 ThinQ, dog treats arranged by hand, of which Momo ate a dozen. I love how well the camera captured the colour in Momo’s eyes.

I share a lot of photos of @momosface but I keep thinking of this one. It was near Bordeaux, I found a place to camp for a few days next to the water, far from anything, it was so peaceful. I tiptoed barefoot, and threw a ball in the water a thousand times for Momo. 😌

Find Momo in the mews.

Swipe 👉 to experience this moment we met the sweetest street vendor in Valencia. 🦁

Hoping to return to Spain some day soon. I miss it a whole lot.

A few weeks ago with an incredibly beautiful human. One that reminds me that compassion is often something we can choose to give.

This is a loaded story. My friend Rio and I were having a coffee outside a cafe when this little fuzzy dog walked up, Momo greeted him, and he greeted us. We waited, called the number on the tag, but it was disconnected.
He called the humane society and left his details. Lucky for the dog, Rio’s the kind of guy that fixes something if he finds it broken. He was matted with dreads, oily, his nails were way too long, and he had fleas. He must have been lost for a while we thought. Rio gave him a bath, clipped his nails, gave him flea meds, and the dog wouldn’t leave Rio’s side..
Later, the owner called. He’d only been missing for a day, not a month. A little investigation showed that it may not have been a good home for the dog.
Though the moral thing to do would be to make sure the dog is in a good home, the legal thing was to return him. So Rio went, after a night of commiseration..
A man came to the door, slurry speech and scratching his scabbed face. He mumbled for his partner still inside behind dark curtains. She approached, scratching and slurring also, looking ill and showing signs of addiction. Rio didn’t feel comfortable leaving the dog here, and they saw how comfortable he looked with Rio. He offered them $100 and they knew it was the right thing for the dog. So for now, Rio adopted this scruffy little boy..
The dog has a happy life ahead of him. But I can’t help but think of these people. Her son was taken away from her, and now her dog, but where does the burden of responsibility fall? Maybe I feel responsible because it’s a crisis that has affected my own family..
Brené Brown says that “we will never be able to free ourselves from suffering until we are all free from suffering.” We’re all tied together. So where does the responsibility fall? What would you do?
Check out Rio’s post @drsandziego

“Oh I’m sorry Momo, you aren’t allowed to do any of the things you love.” Trying to find the perfect balance between balms, wraps, and air, but the hardest remedy is the most important one: stay off your dog foot. Maybe it’s a good time to be driving across the country.

Mini cover reveal party happening right now on your device thanks for having us we had a great time! Thank you to everyone for making this dream come true. Hop on over to to preorder or link in profile or google Find Momo Across Europe or just go outside and scream from your rooftop and get all the dogs in the neighbourhood howling. 🐺

We’re back in Canada and I owe you an update!
- Momo pooped in the airport.
- Canoe rides, bonfires, skinny dips, mosquito bites, and sunsets over little trees..
- My nieces choreographed a dance to welcome me back. 👯‍♀️
- Momo cut his pad on glass, and he’s out of commission for a week. 😢
- Got my motorcycle out and running nicely only to put it back into storage. I’ll come back and get it some day soon. 🏍 ..
- Shot some really fun projects.
- Driving to B.C. soon!

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