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This is Emily and Eleanor, shot on medium format. They’re absolutely lovely.
I released a video about @emilyblincoe and her sweet Eleanor for Catalyst Dogs, a project about the dogs that have changed our lives. Check the link in my profile to watch the short film about Emily’s transition from one dog to another, and what she learned along the way. #catalystdogs

TLDR: Some days I feel like absolute rubbish, what do you do to overcome your rubbish-days?

There’s at least two of me. A day or two out of every week or two, I’m either really low, or really high. I’m either dragging my feet through an unbearable low, or riding a magic carpet through rainbow clouds. This is normal for me ever since I can remember. Only recently I’ve been able to recognize how impactful it has been on my life. It might be the reason I travel so much, because I know that while I’m sitting still, the lows hit me a lot more often, and a lot harder.

Meet high-me: Inspired, full of ideas, and ready to execute them. I can strike up a conversation with anyone and feel confident enough to do just about anything. This is the guy who stumbles onto trips and slides comfortably out of his comfort zone. He’s also the guy who takes all my best photos.

Meet low-me: My feet drag behind me, I can’t look people in the eyes, and I’m filled with self-pity. I usually can’t even take a photo, I can feel defeated from dusk till dawn. If something goes wrong on these days, it takes everything in me to not have a drink which makes it 1000x worse. If I’ve met you on this day, I’m sorry if I was a dick.

I believe this imbalance stems from being medicated for the pretty severe asthma I had when I was young, and probably from being bullied in school, and probably some intrinsic internal chemistry. We’re complex machines.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’m curious about your methods. What do you do on your low days? What are your tools? What are your active steps you take on cloudy days and actually follow through with?

Dad’s headed back to Canada and I’m headed to London for a few weeks. I had a goal to take a photo each day to remember this trip with him, here’s a few that stand out to me:
1. A campfire in the cold wild, full moon. Ireland.
2. Checking Momo’s paws for thorns. Scotland.
3. Lugging up gear with a rescue team to a girl with a broken leg. Isle of Skye.
4. Momo eyeing some of dad’s fish and chips.
5. Dad looking out from the camper. Ireland.
6. Cleaning paws. Wales.
7. Last day, a little tired. England.

I have so many more, which I’m sure I’ll look back on fondly 😌. I’m so damn grateful for having spent this month with him..

I have a thing for laundromats, Momo doesn’t.

If a sheepdog can resist herding sheep, anything is possible. 👀

The world is full of people that want to make sure our planet is a healthy one. For our people, for our pets. @ACCIONA is investing in sustainable energies and is steering the way towards a healthier planet. Let’s #InvestInThePlanet -
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Find Momo in Glasgow.

Went to a £2 museum with fossilized dinosaur bones. It was good. Dog didn’t care.

Three things:
1. I’ve been posting less to spend more time with my dad.
2. Having a meet up in Edinburgh on Saturday, and Glasgow on Sunday. Check story for details! ☺️
3. Isle of Skye is unreal. Ferries and dinosaur tracks and mountains of mountains, I can’t wait to release the book and show you this trove of images I’ve been hoarding.
3. I’ve been writing some hopefully insightful “how I do it” notes coming soon because I get asked a lot how I afford to travel always.

My little Nessie...
I’ve always wanted to take this picture.

Find Momo on a Northern Ireland dock.

Feels like I’ve been to the ends of the earth and back with this guy.

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