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Andrew Knapp  be here now / new Find Momo book & website & tour! πŸ‘‡

Find Momo near Santa Fe. γ€°
A note on my post yesterday and your kindness: I certainly wasn't complaining, just trying to express the other side of my van life that I don't often share. There's always the flip side, right? I choose to express positivity as a practice that aides in my sanity, my mental wellbeing. A lot of the problems I face with my life on the road (which is usually roughly six months of the year and subsidized by photography gigs) have solutions that wouldn't take too much out of me. But something in me feels the need to put up with the struggle. It's weird, but so am I. All of our paths are beautiful, all of our paths have struggle, and I don't think we can have one without the other. Thank you for your kindness, your words of encouragement, your interest and your support. I couldn't be here without you. πŸ’›

The van is my rusty, leaky refuge. Wet towels, sand deposits, and objects as displaced as myself loom in the 80 square feet like goblins tugging at my patience. Mould and rust battle bleach and my bank respectively, in the end they'll definitely win. At barely 50 miles per hour, sometimes the interstate can't be avoided, at which times horns are honked and birds are flipped and at the very worst, truck drivers have actually sent me off the road gripping my wheel for dear life. We all put up with something to feel something else, right? γ€°
Sometimes I feel these limitations and hazards are penitence. Sometimes I feel it's my yang to my yin. Sometimes I feel it's just life and trouble is unavoidable, and the myth of safety and security and freedom only makes trouble more dominant, louder, and meaner.
I guess this is my "life on the road isn't as great it looks" post. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It's amazing watching the landscape change as we head east. We'll be at @bookworksabq today at 5:30 in Albuquerque to tell stories. Come on by!

Our friend Corey learns that the only way to be in the water with Momo is to hold him. He loves swimming but won't let anyone else do it.
Corey lives the van life with his girlfriend Emily (@wheresmyofficenow), we seem to meet up with them in Sedona just about every year have have good talks and good laughs.

Find Momo in a backyard somewhere.
And also find me and Momo irl in Phoenix (Tempe) tomorrow at 4pm at @changinghands.

I'm working on a project that's so dear to me right now, in which I'd love to hear the story of how your dog changed your life. Here's mine:

Momo changed mine in obvious ways, but also in a lot of subtle ways. I started exploring the barren landscapes in my hometown when I first got him, to break from our normal walk routines. Our adventures became greater and greater when we started travelling across the country together. This inadvertently led to Find Momo, when he begun hiding in the landscapes and cityscapes we happened across, which led to this channel on which I have to honour and privilege to connect with so many people. But deeper than this he gave me a more profound appreciation for life, he served as an example for compassion, and he became a reminder as certain as my own breath to be present in the moment.

I'd love to hear your story. You can share it in the comments, send me a message, or email me from the contact page on my website at ❀

This here fella is my favourite one. γ€°
We're celebrating today because our kids book is out and we'll be hanging out at @warwicksbooks in La Jolla at 3pm to meet you and talking about life and photography and travelling and you should come.

Dropped @jupitermoons off at the airport today after our trip to Baja, she's off the Central America for 6 months to learn Spanish and to work with textiles. Can't wait follow along with her journeys. She's really an incredible human being and a better friend now more than ever.
A month in a van with someone oughtta teach you something. For me this was a lesson in communication. If you know me well enough, you learn that I'm not easy to be around after some time together. Friendships and relationships alike have taken the blunt end of my inability to voice what's in my mind. I seem to learn time and time again through the patience and strength of friends like Jalene that learning this lesson isn't enough, it's practicing it that matters most.
So in honour of all of our friends who take the time to help us learn how to be human with each other, I'm sharing this lesson as a reminder for myself to practice communication, or as my friend worded it, "communication with compassion".

Team Momo geared up to hang out with you, link in profile! If you live in one of the cities we're stopping at, come by (it's free!) and shake our paws. I'm gonna be talking tips for travel with dogs, photo tips, and we'll sign our books (or any book). Come have a jolly time with us!

Exploring some 8,000 year old rock paintings in the Catavina Desert with my little Indiana Jones. Now we just use emojis. (Side note: Momo was almost named Indy)
We're headed on a little tour soon, mostly in the South West, and then a lil bit of Canada. Follow link in profile if you're in San Diego, Tempe, Albuquerque, Wichita, Boulder or Denver! We're stopping at some book stores and some schools to hang out with kids. It's gonna be a blast. More Canadian cities will be coming soon! πŸšŒπŸΆπŸ“’

Dogs in the moonlight, part two.

In August of last year Momo & I explored Alberta in a motorcycle sidecar with @muchmusic. A video by an amazing team I had the pleasure to hang out with went live today at and you need to watch it to see Momo in a sidecar (it's cute), me falling into glacier water (it's not cute), and me trying to look dece in a motorcycle jacket (I don't). ❀😎 #farandwide

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