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andrewkanderson  Real Estate Agent at Ruhl & Ruhl Muscatine. Cycling, Design, Real Estate, living in the American Midwest.

All the trees of the field 🌿

Dad and his grandsons all had the same idea

Happy Fathers Day. Here's my dad with his wide glasses and me in some fancy bell bottoms it looks like πŸ˜€ I'm thankful to be able to talk with my dad and make a point to do so whenever I can.

One thing I appreciate about this community is the ability we all have to give input in the areas that are important to us. Planning & Zoning is one of those areas for me. The way the built environment is designed and laid out affects so much of our lives & well-being. 🏑🏠🏒

In the middle of 30 miles with @sarkirsten and @n8_pierson we ran into friends who invited us for an impromptu cookout 🌭 :-)

Well hello there, Iowa. πŸŒ₯πŸ’¦πŸŒ½

Today I'm thankful for my sisters and invitations to spontaneous picnics.

What a fireball sunset 🌞

Extreem weight saving...:-) @carriereeb @alexis.morris81 you asked about the toothbrush. #marginalgains #biketouring

Yesterday my brother John and I rode 132 miles from Richmond to Washington D.C. :-) The early afternoon was the toughest part - just sore from the day before and a little more hill climbing and close traffic. But by mid afternoon it started raining and it felt great! We were on rural roads and rode through a couple hrs of rain and drizzle and I kept feeling better and better. We planned to take the train from the edge of Arlington to his neighborhood but missed the last train by a few minutes so rode another hr rest of the way home. πŸ˜‚ Tired but still feeling better than the first half of the day! We were both happy we rode to the front door - I think it felt like more of an accomplishment. Maybe we should try 200miles next time?! Thanks @johnolonia it's great riding and eating 5,000 calories a day with you! 🚲🚲πŸ₯—πŸ©πŸΊπŸ•πŸ”πŸŒ―🍦
.#creditcardcamping #bikecamping #bikepacking #biketouring #rideyourbike

Thank you to my brothers and the other men and women who serve our country in the armed forces.

Reading this inscription was one of the most moving moments for me when visiting our national monuments and the war memorials this Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you.

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