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VERY excited to get started on this. Hello to all you #OnceUponATime folks out there! #ouat

Here's a sneaky mirror pic of prep for a celebratory night on the town. 2 years. Those of you who know this woman may be able to begin to understand the extent of my gratitude.

Here's a picture of me on Thanksgiving, 1978. Biting on some desserts I just made. Happy Turkey Day. #tbt

Wrapped! So impressed with the work of @ashleygreene and @jdanielcampbell on @antiquitiesfilm. A couple of wonderful people these two are. Refer to @jdanielcampbell's post for more on the cryptic napkin scribblings. Don't worry, Daniel, we don't yet know how this story ends...but keep the crystals anyway...
@jaymelemons and @instagrahamgordy thank you for everything! Lots of love! What a month!

After a month, I finally got a chance to explore Little Rock with this very special visitor. I'm gonna miss this town, you've treated me well! @antiquitiesfilm

I dressed exactly like Delaney (Michael Gladis) when I was 7 and I probably still should. Final day on @antiquitiesfilm. Let's go.


Hi from AR. 👋

Ellie and Walt! Had an excellent first week on @antiquitiesfilm with @ashleygreene and @jdanielcampbell. Very excited for you to meet these two.


Up in 🇨🇦 with the birthday girl. And Jimmy. How's 🇺🇸, did I miss anything?

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