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Andrew Jade Photography  Andrew + EmilyJade. Husband/Wife Wedding Photographers- Passionate about documenting JOY, #realmoments and pretty things. Parents and Jesus lovers. ❀️

Happy Saturday! We are enjoying our last few Saturdays off before AZ wedding season starts again. What are you doing today? And ideas for us for a fun day?? 🌞 #arizonaweddings @somelikeitclassic @carteblanchedesign @elchorroweddings

A pretty bouquet to start out your day... how dreamy are those peonies and succulents?? #arizonaweddings @azflowerbar @btseventmanagement

Connection. Isn't that what life is all about? In a world full of technology, we are losing the gift of face to face connection... that's one of the many reasons why it's our favorite thing to capture. ❀️ #arizonaengagement #realmoments

You guys... is this not the most beautiful chuppah you've ever seen?? If I could do my own wedding again, it would be in this magical color scheme. 😍 @azflowerbar @btseventmanagement @hyattscottsdale #arizonaweddings

REAL TALK: Somedays as I am looking through photo shoots and deciding which image to post, I am hit with images like this one. This image says so many things to me, but mostly it represents two people whose sole focus is each other... people who have time for one another, who can't wait to see each other when they get off work, people who are still playful and silly and young at heart and wild. And then I long for that simplicity... especially in the busy days. In the hard... in the sweat and the tears it takes to make a business thrive. In the unending teaching moments to little ones and while kissing their boo boos, and pushing through lack of sleep. And the homework and the chores... and making sure three completely different little humans feel secure and loved. I long some days for this kind of simplicity with my husband. For the playfulness and togetherness. Where our only focus is each other and how deeply we love. Don't get me wrong, being a parent and a business owner is absolutely wonderful... but friends, if you have this kind of togetherness right now... this kind of playfulness... the time to focus completely on the one that you love and little else... LIVE in the moments. Be all there. All the moments. Breathe it in. Enjoy every second. Be content. ❀️ And if you're like me and long for simpler days... still LIVE in each moment. Breathe them in. Enjoy every second. Be content. Because I am sure someone else in a different season of life... a quiet season... might possibly long for the chaos of little ones. Long for the noise. Or long for the flexibility of their own business. No matter what stage of life we are in, we can all learn something from each other and we can all be inspired. 😘 #realtalk #everyonehasastory #learningtobecontent #arizonaweddings

Feeling so thankful today for the best, most amazing, and most understanding clients! I am SO happy to be back in AZ after two months away and to be back to work. We plan to enjoy the last days of summer with lots of colorful clothing, pool time, and lemonade... but Fall wedding season could not come soon enough! 😍 #arizonaweddings #letsdothis

Thank you to all who have emailed this week! We have been traveling with very limited email access and it's been nearly impossible to find service to respond. But tomorrow I will finally be able to check and respond to all emails... I promise! πŸ˜† Oh, and congrats to this stunning bride on the recent birth of her precious baby girl! 😍 #arizonaweddings #realmoments @vcweddingsandevents @carteblanchedesign @elchorroweddings

Driving through Colorado this last week and experiencing their beautiful chilly temperatures has us dreaming about winter weddings. I still can't pick a favorite season for weddings... but winter is winning tonight. πŸ‘πŸ» #dreamingofwinter #andchristmas #issummeroveryet @imoni_events @azpetalpusher

It's August! One of my favorite months and officially the last month of off season before wedding season starts up again! We cannot wait for all the pretty to come this fall! ❀️ #charlotteengagement #arizonawedding

We have had the BEST day taking over @elchorroweddings Instagram account! Hop on over there and check out our insta stories if you want to see how bad we are in FRONT of the camera! πŸ˜‚
El Chorro is magic. There's no other way to describe it... ❀️. Goodnight friends!! #elchorroweddings @imoni_events @flowerstudio

Good morning, friends! Most of you (those of you without children πŸ˜‚) are probably still sleeping, but when you wake up, join us over on @elchorroweddings today! We are taking over their account for the day to share a little more about us, what makes us come alive, and some of our favorite images! Hope to see you there! πŸ˜† #elchorroweddings #arizonaweddings

We are driving through Ohio today and we've spent almost 6 weeks on the road... isn't that crazy?? The hardest thing for me about traveling the east coast was the lack of authentic Mexican food. 😜 Seriously though... we eat Mexican food a lot at home. We especially love the tacos and margaritas at @elchorro. Have you tried them?? Just 3 more weeks until I can visit this delicious and beautiful place again! 😍 #elchorro #elchorroweddings

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